Here are some of the wonderful testimonials/success stories that I received from some of my clients:-

Reiki Healing / Reiki Training / Therapy Counselling Sessions
This is my second time to visit Karyn but I already feel that I have known her for a very long time.
I have started searching deeper into my soul and past experience and I feel this is the beginning of a beautiful self discovery. T.G., Birmingham

A Message translated from Amharic which is a Semitic language spoken in Ethiopia.
"The fear of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom.  Today is a good day.  There is nothing more liberating than Forgiveness." - T.G., Birmingham

Reiki Training - Level 1

When looking for a Reiki 1 course in Birmingham area, Karyn's website 'Balancing Mind Body Soul' was the first I saw in my search engine. Looking around on her site I felt really drawn to do my Reiki 1 course with her, and I'm so happy I did :) Karyn is such an amazing, warm, open woman with lots of empathy and an incredible teacher. The reiki course was better than I had ever imagined. 

If you are looking for a place to do your Reiki course I can only give her my warmest recommendations. D.J., West Midlands

Here I am on my spiritual path and I find someone as wonderful as you, I came to see you for my Reiki1 course and I learnt so much I feel you have not only been a great teacher and taught me well, but you have also

guided me along my spiritual path.

I can't wait until I do my Reiki 2 course, your very talented in what you do thank you! A.B., Sutton Coldfield

Reiki has showed me a new world. A world made of much more than we can normally perceive. It is Energy and Peace in all its greatness.

Reiki is not pretentious, it’s not a religion, and it is not a set of rules. It is however, guidance, opportunity, hope and awareness.

Most times we are not aware of where we are, what we do, and how we influence the world. By joining Reiki and embracing its guidance, we grow, emotionally, intellectually and awareness becomes a reality.

My experience of Reiki Level 1 is all about becoming aware. It has certainly changed me and I am sure it will change anyone willing to embrace this adventure. J.J., Birmingham

Testimonial regarding Karyn Farrell
I first went to see Karyn back in July 2012. How would I describe myself then? I felt lost, alone, unworthy, fearful, depressed and very tearful. My emotional state was totally overwhelming me. I had been feeling stressed for some months over various issues in my life and it was very hard to see out of things.
I have suffered with bouts of depression in the past. However with a combination of medication, self help and sometimes counselling, this has generally got me through these times and I have managed to function again on a day to day level.
However, this time around, I really did feel like I was going round in circles, before I saw Karyn. I recognised how low I had become and was having some counselling and just started medication, but it wasn’t enough.
Although I’m very aware of the purpose of counselling, this particular time (apart form the ability to initially offload my troubles) it just served to drag me down and wallow in all the negative experiences and aspects of my life.
After a few weeks of total lack of energy and helplessness, for some reason I decided to scour the internet to see if there was anything else ‘out there’ which may help. I stumbled across Karyn’s website by pure chance and something immediately drew me to her.
I’m not sure if it was a combination of her amazing smile and sense of self or the words on her website I could so clearly resonate with.
Whatever it was that drew me to Karyn, I decided despite my tears, to just go for it and ring her. It was a Saturday and I wasn’t even too sure if there would be an answer.
Karyn did answer the phone and through my very emotional state on that day, this ray of hope entered my life. I’d never had anyone provide such instant reassurance in such a calming manner and she agreed to see me a few days later.
When I visited Karyn I was naturally very anxious, but Karyn spent so long with me; listening, reflecting, giving me different perspectives to work with. She finished the session with some healing. To be honest, in the first session I was so anxious, that I just couldn’t relax my body and my mind was all over the place. Karyn explained that it may take a while, but showed such belief in me from the beginning, that it gave me such a sense of hope.
Over the coming sessions, Karyn gave me little tasks to do, things to read and always emphasized that she was there anytime through email/ text/ phone if I needed her. This was a lifeline for me in the coming weeks and kept me going when I had days that I questioned myself and ability to progress.
I would not say that miraculously after a set period of sessions that things have suddenly improved. However, I would say that it has been a gradual period of self growth and learning with the use of the ‘tools’ that Karyn has shown me.
Some of the many things I have learnt about myself is not to be so hard on myself, to take time out and value myself more. I have become aware that if things do start to improve, not to become complacent...but to continually work on myself. This has been a critical point for me as it is easy to slip back into old habits and routines and takes strength and courage to move forward. The healing has also made me far more aware of my own body and my own energy levels and I can feel that I am able to zone into this more.
I do feel that after 5 months, my journey with Karyn (with regards my sessions) are naturally coming to an end. When I started this, I felt so weak and ungrounded that it was so hard to imagine it ever finishing. I remember thinking, this lady is going to be seeing me for quite a period of time and its going to be a long, long road!
Well, I am still on that road, but the road is now clearer and despite having some unexpected twists and turns and obstacles in my path, with Karyn’s tremendous guidance, I now feel ready to tackle what’s ahead of me. I can now look at each day with optimism and vigour and this is what I truly cherish.
Karyn is a warm, giving individual. She does not judge, but will gently guide you to a better place. But, please remember…you have to work on yourself too…don’t just rely on Karyn.…and the results will speak for themselves.
L.H., Shropshire

Dear Karyn

I always enjoyed having a reiki treatment and the good feelings it brings for days afterward. Karyn is a good listener and provides excellent spiritual and emotional support whatever the problem. Its a fascinating session and I feel a lot calmer, content and focused seeing things with more clarity by the end of the session. I.S., Solihull

Thanks again Karyn another great Reiki session today.  Really feel more grounded and calm.  After a very stressful year its to be able to feel more focussed and relaxed.  I feel more prepared to take on the challenges in the future. I.S., Solihull

Dear Karyn

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Our conversation has brought a lot of clarity to me. I feel way more content and happy now. After you helped me to put things together I feel also more confidence that I can be successful concurring things from my past I was dragging with me for so long.  I will definitely do all exercises you are suggesting, as a fact, I started with Hooponopono. 

How I found Karyn was -  I was Googling looking for possibilities for distance spiritual learning and I found you or should I say you were sent to me :) N.G., Guam, U.S.A.  

Karyn is able to effectively support and help individuals to reach their goals. Karyn is also a great teacher and trainer, who has taught me Reiki Level 1, and supported me with developing my 


I would recommend Karyn to anyone who is looking for help with their personal goals and wants someone to talk to openly and frankly about anything. H.H., Cannock

I can't begin to tell you how amazing Karyn was in helping me through some really tough decisions. I had left an abusive relationship was confused, destructive, I had lost all confidence in my own abilities and was irrecognisable by my family and friends. A real mess, I knew a friend who recommended Karyn as she had helped in her recovery and I did the best thing I could have ever done in my situation and asked for help. Karyn suggested Angelic Reiki was the best course of action for me to find some peace and to heal. I started visiting Karyn once a week sometimes twice and other times once a fortnight she always made time for me and was very prepared when I went to her. She was my light at the end of the tunnel and looking back now I don't know what would have happened to me without her help and support. I feel now I'm on the right path in all aspects of my life and am getting married next year to someone who Karyn knew was my future even if I couldn't see it back then. I still have issues with anxiety and depression but I can pull myself back and carry on knowing if I do need her in the future I can count on her intuition, calmness and kindness to steer me right. Thank you Karyn for all you did and continue to do.   J.H., West Midlands

I first saw Karyn having suffered from severe muscle spasms and neck pain on a daily basis, and had suffered for over a year.  After 5 visits to see Karyn, it would be incorrect to say I was totally cured, but I sure am well on the way.  I felt so "happy" in myself the last time I saw Karyn, and this has, I believe, opened me up to other opportunities synchronistically, which are all aiding my recovery.  I  cannot express how good it feels to be mostly pain free, and Karyn truly helped me to get here!! Thank you. C.H., Solihull

"A very good session that has helped me to see the things that I knew deep down inside of me were true, and which I tried to ignore. Reassuring to know that my life can be better and happier than it is now. Feeling alot better" H.H., Birmingham

My first session was an amazing experience. I will walk out of here a different person. Thank you for your time and understanding. I look forward to the next session of the journey.!"  T.A., Solihull

The time spent with Karyn in her odessy of warmth, professionalism and retreat from the harsh external factors of everyday living, left me feeling refreshed and so relaxed... More clarity in my thinking process, so able to increase my decision making.. I look forward to further insights and healing.. (Wish I knew how she does it:) Y.D., Birmingham

Karyn, I'm really glad that I met you. I was somehow drawn to your website. I have seen a number of counsellors over the years, but none that have inspired me to change my life or with such immediate impact. I felt an immense sense of calm... I now carry an inner peace that I can share with my daughter and to be a good role model to her. Thank you! T.S., Solihull 

I contacted Karyn in the hope of some assistance in helping me with chronic arthritic pain I have been suffering with.  Not really knowing what to expect on my first visit, I can honestly say the experience was profound.  I felt an energy like no other I have ever experienced.  I believe Karyn is a conduit for this divine power I felt and I am hopeful of some long term relief.  It is early days, but I am very much looking forward to my next visit. C.H., Birmingham

Today I've had my 2nd session with Karyn and her lovely warm "healing hands".  I was a bit skeptical the first time I've been here I must confess but I did feel something.  I felt a change from inside me because I had these strange visions which I know weren't a part of my ego the night/day after I went for my first healing with Karyn.  Even now after the 2nd session I can feel the lightness around my head / solar plexus area so there is "something" in Karyn's healing which is definately trying to go through all these barriers which are all around me, so if and when I can come out on the "other side" with that pure white light which I hope to feel one day soon for myself.  Hopefully!!! Thank you.  p.s. I hope and wish there is plenty more to come in the future!!!:) L.K., Birmingham

After arriving feeling very tense and anxious, Karyn gave me some wonderful Reiki and a lot of food for thought!  Now I am going home to take control and make a plan consciously in the moment.  Thank you and hopefully I will see you soon. J.M., Birmingham

Thank you for you introspective observations.  You are extremely wise and your spiritual abilities/gifts provide you with much deeper "insights" that help others to face their "realities" and live more "truthful" lives.  Thank you for being there with... and FOR me.  Your support and belief is priceless.  L.G., London

A very good session that has helped me to see the things that I knew deep down inside of me were true, and which I tried to ignore.  Reassuring to know that my life can be better and happier than it is now.  Feeling alot better. H.H., Birmingham

I walked in feeling rather nervous and full of anxiety.  As the time went by and I confided some of my feep inner secrets, fears and worries I started to feel more relaxed.  I am hoping and praying that this will work for me as I have been to numerous places.  Thanking you from the bottom of my heart for all your time and support.  I really appreciate it and look forward to meeting you again.  Feel happier than when I walk in.  With Love S.S., Wolverhampton

After having Reiki and my therapy counselling with Karyn I feel very different now and relaxed.  Thank you.  Mrs C., Birmingham

I entered into Karyn's serenity room overwhelmed with my lifestyle and needing a big massive ME time!!!  I was welcomed by her usual positive, bubbly self and left ex amount of time latter with a clearer a head, peace and relaxed'.  find Karyn to be a wonderful healer and cannot recommend her enough!! Y.D., Birmingham

Karyn, I'm really glad that I met you.  I was somehow drawn to your website. I have seen a number of counsellors over the years, but none that have inspired me to change my life or with such immediate impact. I felt an immense sense of calm as I was driving towards your lovely peaceful home and even more so on the way home and for days afterwards. The combination of us talking, you sharing with me your own life experiences to clarify your meaning and make me realise I'm not the only one; the use of angel cards and essences; spiritual guidance and readings and not to forget Reiki. During the last session I felt as though I was flying around your therapy room. I also appreciated that you offered me support not only during our sessions, but also followed these up with emails with anything that you thought would help my journey. You even lent to me one of your own books, which meant alot to me. One positive experience has led to another and another. My new positive mindset is attracting even more positive people and events into my life. I have introduced journal writing, regular meditation, an exercise and healthy eating regime. All of which make me a happier and well balanced individual. I now carry an inner peace that I can share with my daughter and to be a good role model to her. Thank you. T.A., Solihull

On arrival I felt overwhelmed with the responsiblity of being a middle aged, single parent mother, carer to an elderly disabled parent, job and grieving a long term relationship breakdown, basically emotionally detached and a walking wreck!!!.  The time spent with Karyn in her odessy of warmth, professionalism and retreat from the harsh external factors of everyday living, left me feeling refreshed and so relaxed.   Over the years I have tried various therapies e.g crystal healing, spiritual healing, just to name a few and although assisted, never have I left feeling so refreshed.   What differences have I noticed? - more clarity in my thinking process, so able to increase my decision making instead of my usual delimma of, 'should I' or 'shouldn't I'?.   I constantly repeating the Zero Limit's* statement and feel more grounded.  All this on just my first session!!! Thank you so much. I look forward to further insights and healing via you.  God Bless you Karyn!!  Y.D, Birmingham

A poem written by my wonderful friend:


A gentle heart

The heart that feels the approval,
That comes from a kindly deed,
Knows well there’s no sweeter music
On which the spirit can feel.


In sweetening the life of another,
In relieving another beings distress,
The soul finds its highest advancement
And the noblest blessedness.


That life is alone, worth the living,
That lives for another’s gain,
The life that comes after such living
Is the rainbow after the rain.   B W Broughton, Greece

"Just a few lines to say how Balancing Mind, Body & Soul has given me a new lease of life.  I was given some vouchers for my 40th birthday.  I went to have the reflexology.  I had it before so thought nothing of it.  When I first met Karyn her warm welcome was great, we had a chat then I had the reflexology treatment which was fantastic.  Afterwards we talked about what was going on  in my life, it was as if we had known each other for years,  I felt so much at ease in her company.  I don't trust people very easy but had that trust with Karyn.  I am an alcoholic in recovery for eight years nows I have a twelve steps programme but could share stuff with Karyn I never felt I could do with anyone else.  There was no rush, she's a great listener. 
She gave me a new out look on life, I see Karyn every 4-5 weeks I have Reiki/Angelic Healing which I love.  Karyn is a great healer.  I don't have the worry and fear in my life that would break me at times.  Karyn is very
read up on life both personally and spiritually and helps me stay in a positive way of thinking.  I do feel very blessed that Karyn is now a part of my recovery.  I look forward to each new day now and deal with its challenges.  Will be forever grateful to you Karyn.  God Bless you always!" PJC, Hall Green
"You are an exceptional healer, Karyn.  Unique person.  The Universe has brought you into my life as a token of its love to help and guide me.  Thank you!" S.Y. West Midlands


"This is my second time to see Karyn.  I get so much each time.  It has opened up alot of stuff for me and I feel that I can do alot more with my life now!." P.C. Solihull


"Feeling better now after having Reiki, had quite a tiring week so was looking forward to having my Reiki treatment which seems to have a relaxed effect on me.  Head feels clearer and less tense.  Thank you Karyn." I.S. Solihull


"Peace, progress and happy times ahead! " Thank you Karyn.  A.T, West Midlands


"Once again had a good session with Reiki.  Giving me a lot ot think about the future.  I really enjoyed everything that Karyn does.... being on the next session!  Thank you!."  P.C, Solihull


"My first session was an amazing experience.  I will walk out of here a different person.  Thank you for your time and understand.  I look forward to the next session of the journey." T.A., Solihull


"I came in today not knowing what to expect.  But by the end I was feeling emotionally, intellectually and physically in a brillian place by the time I felt.  The Reiki treatment was amazing and it really helped me to understand and feel at one with myself.  KARYN WAS BRILLIANT!! Quote for the day "live in the now moment".  Thank you Karyn."  I.K., Birmingham


"Thank you for Saturday.  I can't believe how just talking to you can help me so much!  I could see how my subconscious was putting up a barrier to prevent me from hurting mentally.  I decided that night to fully relax and accept that I am loved and my relationship is much better now.  Thanks again for being in my life." N.S, Birmingham


To Whom it may concern,

"I came to Karyn with profound emotional difficulties that were as a result of the breakdown of my relationship with my partner of 8 years that I had two beautiful children with. The breakdown of my relationship was a result of deeper long term issues that I had not resolved. My behaviour towards my partner and children during this crisis was appalling and I was desperately seeking help from several areas. I had tried and experienced quite a few therapists over previous years. In total I had approximately six sessions with Karyn and had my circumstances allowed I would have had more. I am amazed at the results. I know that this is due to many things but certainly the skill and level of expertise that she has worked exceedingly hard to achieve in her Reiki Practice, her absolute genuine and professional caring attitude and her profound and deep experiences as a Woman, Mother and Professional. Her dedication and commitment are also amazing in what at times can be a very lack lustre world. All of the factors make up an amazing vibrant personality that uplift you the moment contact is established. Something else that I found was Karyn's house is truly a sanctuary that I found peace and safety from what at the time for me was a very turbulent world both within myself and without. If she ran a hotel on the same basis I would have booked in for a week!"


"I also know that due to her sincerity and genuine caring nature, I will most definately be having Reiki Top Ups to treat myself and as a gift to friends which I have done.  My friends have reported back with the same 

WOW! and have really appreciated a unique gift.  Plus I did not realise that Karyn did beauty and pamper work which has given me even more gift opportunities.  I have thanked her for helping me and I would simply say if you are thinking about it... contact Karyn... you will not be disappointed." K.G, Solihull


"Great treatment, feeling more relaxed now with Reiki.  Felt tired before but now feeling much better thanks." Ian, Olton

"Reiki has changed my life beyond recognition.  I was at a very low start on the outset with very little hope, however I now feel empowered and optimistic and fully focussed for the first time in many years.  I have tried other methods i.e. counselling with success." M.T, Solihull

"I have learnt alot from Karyn about other dimensions of our lives and having Reiki sessions, it has opened my mind and let me see this.  I see things in a whole new way, people, situations, experiences; I now approach them from a different perspective.  I don't let people get to me as much now and don't take any crap from them.  Things have happened to me in the last 10 months that if happened a year ago, I would not even have noticed.  These are spiritual things which I now take notice of, like; being stroked on the arm and face, my elbow being held, being guided to speak to certain people or buy particular objects, and most of all sensing different colours and lights within things and people. 
I have taken up art and started painting, it started with me looking at a newly painted wall in the loft and I visualised something on it, and after a time, an image came to me.  Because I did not know how to go about it, I contacted a professional artist who helped me with the basics of painting it.  I have now had a lot of new ideas for other paintings and this may lead me to a whole new career that I would have never thought of. 
Life has a different meaning to me now, I am coming around to believing that maybe I can help others in their time of troubles which in reality is a bigger reward then money.  This all comes down to me, 12 months ago being in a very dark place and not aware of it at the time but was being guided to start having those Reiki sessions with Karyn and climbing out to a much better and lighter place of being." K.H, Solihull

"When I first came to Karyn for help in  August 2010, I was feeling hopeless and depressed by my health issues, MS.  Karyn helped me see through the mist that had surrounded my life and I became aware of blockages that had occured that I had created but was unware of.  Once I became enlightened things started to move dramatically.  My confidence has improved greatly and I am alot more calmer and spiritually balanced that I have been for years.  For the first time in many years particularly the last three years I feel happy and alive!!!  Can I just add that Karyn Farrell is so full of love and energy it shines from her." M.T. Solihull

"Having reiki is something new for me, but have had these feelings within me for ages and now feel much better now I have been given an outlet.  Very nice and relaxing.  Thank you."  Tish, Sutton Coldfield

"Once again the amount of amazing images and memories that flood my vision makes me feel so good.  I leave again in another peaceful state.  Amazing!!  Thank you Karyn." K.H. Solihull

"Something very new for me, trying the Reiki, but I've had lots of stress, anxiety and generally feeling low for a while, now their being given an outlet.  Very nice and relaxing, I'm realising the progress I've made since the last session which Karyn has highlighted." Tish, Sutton Coldfield 

"I did not know or understand Reiki and was therefore sceptical about its ability to help.  Karyn was able to clearly explain the healing, I felt very relaxed and comfortble in each session.  It soon became apparent, even in the first session, that Karyn possesses healing gifts and the abillity to translate the emotions, experiences and images received during the Reiki session. I feel so much better as a result of these meeings and counselling sessions with Karyn.  Karyn also offered additional readings which I continue to do as I am now, more receptive to alternative ideas to a new, improved rewarding life. Thank you Karyn." Carol - Solihull

"You've cleaned my head out so much, I can't think of what to write! I feel great, thank you and I am already looking forward to my next session.  I've not been this relaxed in my life." Paul - Solihull

"I have experienced Reiki before and initially I contacted Karyn from a practitioner's web site. She was the only one to respond from 6! I had suffered a breakdown of a long term relationship with my partner, who I have two young daughters with. I was experiencing extreme anger, stress and mild depression was creeping in. I sought out Reiki to help with those short term issues as I am doing other work with deeper rooted issues. Karyn's immediate warmth and positivity together with her own depth of experience sorted these out quicker than I thought. In fact I was so impressed compared to other practitioners that I have also continued to see Karyn for help with the deeper issues. Whether you need a pick up from stress at work or help with deeper core issues I would whole heartily recommend Karyn's professional and warm personal touch. She is a ray of Sunshine in a dark commercial world." K Gilbert - Birmingham
On Site Therapy
"Thank you for all the Therapy and advice.  I will miss you! very Best Wishes for the future!" L.C, Birmingham School
Beauty & Holistic Treatments
I had a Indian Head Massage - my head felt very heavy when I came in.  Now I feel 10ft tall! and my head is very clear.  Thank you, Karyn.  J.H., Solihull
"I had reflexology with Karyn, I felt very relaxed and after my treatment my feet felt light and flowing.  Enjoyed very much."  S. Brown, Shirley
"I had a deluxe manicure and pedicutre.  Karyn was friendly, professional and unrushed.  I truly felt pampered.  Well recommend for pregnant women!! M.B. Shirley
Pamper Me Programme

"A very big thank you to you from all of the parents at Stay and Play.  You have made  a big difference to many as some have never put time aside to pamper themselves.  Best Wishes. 
Childrens Centre, Birmingham
Pamper Party

"Karyn, I just wanted to say thank you so so much for today.  Everyone was so pleased with you.  You have made a huge success of the day.  You're truly wonderful.  We all love you.  The one's that didn't get to see you can't wait for the next session.  Thank you again you worked your socks off and we are all grateful." Carla - the host, Sheldon
"Thank you so much.  I had a back massage and I felt so relaxed I nearly feel asleep.  Thanks again for the pamper."
"Such a nice person to talk to, on everyones level.  Loved the foot massage.  All good. Thank you."
"Lovely relaxing foot massage.  I left the room feeling fantastic.  Lovely, Lovely person made me feel I could achieve more.  Thank you."
"Where would I be if I wasn't having these awesome sessions with Karyn! Not the calm chilled person that I am know thats where.  Roll on the next Reiki session." K. H., Solihull
"A calming experience - definately come back again soon, thanks Karyn." Rubi, Solihull
Holistic Body Massage
"Very relaxing body massage.  A nice way to get rid of the stress and relax.  Food for thought, very nice.  Thank you Karyn." T. S. Sheldon
Colour Mirror - Full Distance Reading
Colour Mirrors is truly amazing. It allows many of the obstacles that you may have experienced in life to be overcome. It clears the path ways and helps you to achieve your full potential.

For years I experienced problems with money and relationships, but a few days after using the Red Angel Spray, I began to see noticeable changes in all areas of my life. Money started to come in from a variety of courses, for examples over payments on insurance policies and even bankers charges that had previously been refused!! The highlight of my year was meeting a wonderful kind, gorgeous man and we are getting married next year.

People will notice a visible change in you and you will feel more confident. Friends that used to weigh me down with their negative thoughts and moaning seemed to stop contacting me. I now have no desire to keep in contact with them or answer their needy phone calls.

Colour Mirrors allows you to reach your goals. The channelling of positive energy is a very powerful force. You may not be ready for all of the opportunities that arise from this, but you must ensure that you welcome all positive changes with both hands and enjoy being successful." T Mascoll - London
"Walking through the door was the first battle with myself on overcoming the anxious feelings I had. After a gentle chat and a session of reiki, I am now on the first rung of the ladder of feeling better in myself. Leaving more relaxed and calmer." K Hopkins - Birmingham

"Very relaxing and felt at peace. Hearing home truths can be quite uncomfortable but because I was also being guided it made those truths so much easier to bear. Thank you! Emma - Birmingham

"Very relaxing massage, very friendly, wonderful atmosphere - felt very much at home, caring approach." Marion - Birmingham

"An absolutely amazing experience! I am so lucky and blessed to have met you. The treatment was very relaxing but the chat was mind blowing!! I will definately be in touch." Sam - Shirley

"Really enjoyed my treatment and the conversation. Really lovely lady. Thank you Karyn - I will be in touch."
Zee - Shirley

"Very direct, straightforward, to the point. Excellent people skills. Very professional, yet warm. I feel much better. Thank you." Kevin - Birmingham

"Karyn offers a fantastic mobile service. She came to my home for a pamper evening and did a great job. She is very professional and personable. She offers a wide range of treatment options and is very flexible with her availability. She dressed the ‘treatment room’ beautifully- all the guests were very impressed and pleased with her services. I would definitely recommend Karyn to anyone who feels like some quality pampering! I intend to use her services in the near future as do many of the guests who attended the party. Thank you Karyn for a lovely evening." F. Islam - Shirley

"A relaxing experience, I feel really refreshed. Professional, honest and very genuine. I felt extremely comfortable and at ease. Thank you Karyn." Sam - Solihull