*  Want to change the way you think about yourself?
*  Want to improve the way you relate to your friends, family, partner, spouse?
*  Need emotional or spiritual support or encouragement as you make changes along your personal journey?

*  Want to want to know how to incorporate "BEing" spiritual in your everyday life?

*  Feel lonely, not sure what to do next in your life, want to make changes but don't know how to?

or ARE YOU....

*  Awakening spiritually and require guidance?

*  Starting to questioning why you are here or what your purpose is? 

*  Becoming more interested in spiritual matters, angels, healing, the significance of 2012?

*  Experiencing emotional problems / issues from your past or cannot let go of old hurts? 

*  Experiencing depression, always tearful, finding it difficult setting goals? 

If you have answered YES!! to any of these questions why not have a one-to-one session with me, Karyn.  Skype sessions are now available for UK and International clients.  If you feel drawn to my energy or to my picture then it is time for us to connect... to begin the healing journey!!  The session tends to be a fluid and intuitive connection between us both where will first talk and discuss where you feel you need help/guidance in your life.  The session also can involve meditation, distance healing, mentoring and coaching you, on how to get you life back on track. 

Who can book a telephone consultation?
Anyone especially if you experiencing any of the above or you are already a healer, lightworker or spiritual teacher or if you are awakening spiritually and require guidance or clarity regarding how to move forward.

How do I book a session and pay?
1.  First choose the time you want and pay using Paypal.
2.  Then click here CONTACT to tell me how I can help you on your personal or spiritual journey.
3.  All sessions need to be booked and paid for in advance with a mutually convenient date and time agreed by both of us.    

What are the benefits?
*  You get to start your healing journey NOW!!  No more waiting for something to happen..!! 
*  You receive genuine support from an experienced healer and spiritual teacher!!
*  You receive structure and clarity in all areas of your life family, career, relationships, spirituality!!
*  You will feel energised, focussed, less anxious!!
*  Receive excellent results FIRST TIME!!  
*  Plus much much more....!!

How are the sessions delivered?
Session are available via Skype. Video will become available soon.  You can of course book a face-to-face session if you live locally.  Click here CONTACT

How long are the sessions and the cost?
You can choose from either a 60min session, 90min session  or 2hour session.  The costs are as below.  English speaking.   

  60 min session      
 90 min session max 2hr session
 Europe (Euro)
 International Please email  withyour country.  

What happens if I need to rearrange our appointment?
If you need to rearrange a session I would appreciate at least 72 hours notice given via text/email or Skype 
in order that the slot can be given to another client. 
 Please state a more convenient time/date so that the session can be rearranged.

Will I receive support afterwards?
YES! absolutely we will stay in contact for as long as necessary, corresponding via email in between sessions.

How often do I need a session?
You can have as many sessions as you feel is necessary for you at this time. Whether it be once a week, once a fortnight or once a month.  The session is a fluid and intuitive connection between us, however we can agree how many sessions you would like beforehand and plan accordingly.  

What if I need to cancel?
Once our session has been agreed the full fee is due.