The Chakra System

The History

The chakras were first “mapped” and worked with by the ancient Sumarians.  They began to look at the human body and how it worked over seven thousand years ago.  They made observations and discoveries which formed the basis for their medical and scientific practices.  These ways of working they called the Science of Life, or in Sanskrit (the name given to the ancient Sumarian language) “Ayurveda”.  Asian avatars and shaman have adopted many of these practices which form the basis for the Asian Indian traditions canned Ayurvedic medicine.  The Sumerian discoveries formed the basis for virtually all of the health traditions which are still practised today.  They were the ones who began using herbs for healing which has led to both Eastern and Western herbalism and, ultimately, to all Western Medicine.


The Sumarians also charted the body’s meridians which are used in treatments such as acupuncture and kinesiology.  The meridians are energy channels which distribute the energy of the chakras around the body and to the organs.


What are Chakras?

Chakra’s are essentially energy vortexes that are a funnel shape meeting in the middle of the body.  These cones are positioned along the spinal column – see Figure 1 below.


Each chakra represents an element of our consciousness and each chakra relates directly to organs or systems within the body which directly affects our state of health.  The chakras are traditionally numbered from the root up to the crown so the first chakra is at the base of the spine and the seventh is at the top of the head.  The chakras tend to have a primary and secondary function.  The primary function is the region of our consciousness which is most affected whilst the secondary function can be used to provide clues to the region of our life which has caused the hurt.


How to Balance Your Chakras using Colour Mirrors

Colour Mirrors is essentially an energy healing system.  Colour is a vibration and when used as a therapy can go to the roots of any problems you have and release you from the bondage of past patterns.  By using colour to analyse and identify what the pattern is that you are stuck with, bring it to your conscious mind for transformation and you to re-programme a new experience.  There will always be one bottle that when chosen acts as the key to unlocking and fulfilling the other aspects of the reading.  You may chose to bathe in more than one at a time; however we recommend that you are gentle with yourself at first and bathe in one at a time.  Your higher self will know which bottle is the one you should bathe in.  This system is about empowering yourself to heal yourself.  I, the therapist am here to guide and support you through this process.  

The system is energized and infused with many energies including: various healing systems (Reiki etc), Crystals, Music, Tree of Life, Ascended Master, Archangels.  Your intention however is always the most important aspect of working with an energy system.  In this system, the bottom fraction of each bottle (water) indicts the patterns that lie in the subconscious; the top fraction (oil) is what you are conscious of.  We know through the experiments by Dr Masaru Emoto that water holds memory and information.  For further information go to :  The information the coloured oil/water holds can enter the body through bathing and begin the healing.  Using colour is the part of the journey where you get that your body goes where your soul wants you to be.  Colour oils are gentle, smell nice, feel soothing and non-invasive or threatening to the body – makes change easier to cope with. 


In summary, we are all spiritual beings having a “human” experience.  The planet earth is most assuredly a playground for creation and experience, its original blueprint.  Thus, we can create whatever we choose.  There is no right or wrong in what we choose to create, even though our on-going spiritual evolutionary process is supporting us to create at a much higher level than ever before (meaning that what we choose to create changes as we do).  Helping to identify and remember who we are and what our own special contribution is, assists greatly in keeping us in alignment with Source and our soul’s intentions before birth.   Much of the time, we simply need to be validated, as we have always been who we are, vibrating those special gifts and talents specific to us alone, only we just cannot see it ourselves.   You have the ability and power to change whatever needs changing in your life, but above all else love yourself unconditionally first and foremost.


The Colour Mirrors Oils are there to support us with our decisions in life.