Human Beings to Energy Beings

Human Beings to Energy Beings

Human beings are actually made up of many layers of vibrating energy each with its own specific vibration and purpose. The physical part of us is created from and sustained by, it’s energetic layers. It is an amazing vessel in which we as a soul can experience the physical plane of existence.
A simple overview of the energy flow from spirit to matter for a human being
looks like this:-
^   |
|   |
|   v
Monad (I Am Presence)
^   |
|   |
|   v
Soul (Higher Self)
^    |
|    |
|    v

Personality: physical, etheric, emotional and mental bodies.


To experience harmony, balance & wellbeing in every aspect of physical life it is important that all the layers of vibrating energy that contribute to our existence function together as an integrated whole. From the perspective of our physical existence the most important of these layers of energy are those related to the soul and personality.


Soul is the part of ourselves that appears to exist outside of everyday reality, as we currently understand it. However it is a very important aspect of our multi-dimensional self because it holds the vibrations of our true essence and is a vital link in our connection with Source. The blueprint for the optimum direction of our life is stored at Soul level as well as our experiences, gifts & talents from other life times. While we are experiencing life on the physical plane we are linked to our soul through the permanent atom in our hearts. When we allow our soul to communicate freely with us it provides light, love, direction & inspiration. Difficulties arise when the personality fails to acknowledge the soul as the prime directive in life, effectively cutting off the flow of life giving energy from this level of our being.

Personality is the part of ourselves through which we normally experience our everyday physical lives. In the context we are using it here the term personality encompasses mind and emotions as well as the physical body. Each of these aspects of personality are formed from separate but interconnected layers of energy vibrating at different speeds.

Mind (mental body) - normally, our most predominate experience of mind is through our left-brain function which evaluates everything that happens to us against memories from the past stored in our lower mental body. This is the logical, analytical, critical aspect of ourselves that we experience in our everyday mind chatter. We also have a right brain aspect to mind that allows us access to our creativity, intuition and the expansiveness of our soul and the universal mind, through our higher mental body. Ideally we need both these functions of mind to work together. Very often however the lower mind becomes locked into old patterns and beliefs that are unconsciously and automatically directing our lives, effectively cutting us off from the more expansive vision and understandings otherwise available from the soul through the higher mind.


Emotion (emotional body) - emotional energy is a powerful force that fuels our thoughts to become beliefs, so it is important that we are able to maintain positive balanced emotions. The cells of our body also respond to our emotional state. High frequency, positive emotions like love, happiness & joy create the optimum environment for generating strong, healthy cells, while lower frequency emotions like fear, anger, doubt etc tend to have the reverse effect. Old unprocessed emotions create a reservoir of unconscious emotional patterns, which form the basis for our emotional response to life until they are released and brought into balance. When our core emotions are balanced the emotional body can be used by the soul as a vehicle through which it can flow its life enhancing light into the physical body.


Body (physical/etheric body) - our physical body is the part of ourselves that we are usually most familiar with because we can directly experience it as an apparently solid physical form. However, it is good to keep in mind that it is actually created from the energetic blueprint held in our Etheric Body, which is greatly influenced by our emotions and thoughts. A strong etheric body is therefore essential if we are to experience physical wellbeing.


As we begin to understand that our physical body is actually the end result of the creative flow of energy from spirit into matter, it becomes easier to recognise that any disturbances we may experience in our physical bodies do not originate from there. Rather they are the result of constriction in the energy flow that supports our physical existence. Most often the causes will be found in old long forgotten belief patterns and their associated emotional issues, which are creating stagnant energy in the mental and emotional bodies.


This is not currently the commonly accepted view of how physical life works, however the more we expand our consciousness the more we will be able to engage with this perspective of ourselves.