Ascension Process / 2012

The Ascension Process, in simplistic terms is, the ending of a 26,000 year astrological period, according to the Mayan Calendar and the start of a new era of spiritual transformation (Gaia/Earth is transforming into a 5th dimensional planet).  It is a very complex process with a number of things happening i.e. planetery changes as well as spiritual intervention, on the planet simultaneously.  In addition three planets are configured to interact at the 2012 solstice. Neptune, which represents higher spirituality, Pluto transformation and Uranus change. As the energies they represent work together, it will cause a massive impact on the consciousness of the planet. This offers a potential for a huge shift in consciousness.  It is a calling for us to heal our physical bodies, the emotional body, and our thoughts now and use this great opportunity to change the planet. Individually and collectively there has never been such an opportunity for spiritual growth. By making these changes we are activating our Divine DNA, and access and activate our Higher 4th Dimensional Spiritual Chakras.  As these new chakras integrate, they make room for the 5th Dimensional chakras, also known as your Ascension Chakras.
The current 3D Physical Chakra System relates to your first 7 chakras and is based on developing a connection with earth and your physical body.
The 4D Chakra System - see Figure 1 relates to 8 higher spiritual chakras and are based on developing a deeper connection to your Higher Self, the Universe, the Divine Will of God, Ascended Masters and other Galactic Beings of Light.
During these times of massive shifting and integrating our new 5D energies while still experiencing life in the 3rd dimension is the reason why assisting our bodies to simulate this process is crucial now more than ever. By assisting in your own process of installing and activating your new chakra system while simultaneously anchoring them to each dimensions grid system, you “lock yourself in” to and connect with different dimensional consciousness.  
This transformation has already begun to occur in many Lightworkers/Star Seeds/Wayshowers.  We are remembering who we truly are. When we remember that we are all spiritual beings manifested into physical form - our bodies are of congealed light and no one is not of that light – we can begin to love ourselves and each other unconditionally.  With "One-ness" or "Unity Consciousness" we will remember that there is no separation because we will know that we are "One" with all of Creation/God/the Universe, and your vibration naturally rises.
Is the energy/vibration of the planet already rising for 2012?
Yes, the consciousness of Earth has already risen in preparation for 2012.  A number of things have been happening to prepare us all for the higher way of being, so that we can eventually bring back the energy of Heaven to Earth - which basically translates to bringing your "spiritual" body and all that you are, and grounding it into the "physical" (into your physical body).  Some examples of what things have been happening:-
* You may be experiencing some of the ascension symptoms which could manifest as childhood issues coming up for clearing, a repeat of an event/situation or you keep encountering the same problems over and over again#
* Your diet may suddenly change - you don't want to eat meat or you eat more meat
* You cannot tolorate being in nightclubs or around negative people or environments
* Even going to the supermarket is a massive ordeal because you cannot cope with the energetic overload of people's emotions (fear, anger, heart-break etc). 
Everyone will experience their own changes in different ways, there is no "one" way that this will happen.  This is a slow long process and will not happen overnight but Gaia has decreed that Earth will become once more a 5th dimensional planet (like Atlantis).  This has already been and will continue to happen as already there continues to be pulses of light which are being beamed to Earth at increasing interals.  Light contains spiritual knowledge and information.
What sorts of spiritual intervention are helping the process?
  • Higher Angels of Light are coming to Earth.  You may see these as orbs, rays of light
  • Wise old souls are re-incarnating to help with the shift.
  • Indigo, rainbow, crystal children, the enlightened ones are incarnating.
  • Powerful energies that were withdrawn at the fall of Atlantis are being returned to us. These include Reiki, the Mahatma energy, the Violet Flame, the Gem Rays and others.
  • Special energy came in with the Harmonic Convergence and Harmonic Concordance.
  • The double Venus transit is starting to balance the masculine and feminine energy on Earth.
  • The dolphins are making their presence felt.
  • The Angels of Atlantis have returned to Earth to seek people to work with them to bring back the energy of Atlantis.
  • The Unicorns are appearing.
  • The twelve rays have anchored on Earth for the first time since the fall of Atlantis.
  • The planet is detoxing, throwing off negativity and stuck karma, through earthquakes, hurricanes, floods etc.