Silver Gaias - NEW!!


As we follow the trail of the Gaia bottles we see that a perfect story for life on earth is laid out before us.  Copper it is where it all began - it is the story of our planet’s history and gives us the foundation for what is to come.  Gold brings us the vision of the new earth and shows us her transformation from density to light.  Platinum opens the gates to our cosmic consciousness, allowing us to remember again our wholeness.  Coral absorbs all the light of our vastness and brings it fully back into the body so that we might live upon the new earth in a new way.  These first Gaias are our awakeners.  Now, with silver, we truly begin the process of transmuting the body into its new light, its new DNA, its new potential.  We are propelled forward to a new era.  The Silver Gaias tell us:  It is time!  

Silver cuts through resistance and falsehood swiftly and cleanly.  It is an amplifier and will reflect and mirror our truth to us in an instant if we let it.  It will also light up the shadow aspects of our being if that is what we require in order to move forward.  Silver highlights for us those ego aspects that still wish to keep us in duality, in right versus wrong or good versus bad.  The Silver Gaias remind us that love is not always a sweet, warm feeling, that it is in fact the most powerful current of energy in the universe and it comes in many forms.  It seems these bottles, more even than those which came before, serve to show us our unique brilliance.  Their incisive silver light shines so clearly upon us that it is almost impossible not to see our truth when we connect with them. 

Silver is both crystalline and of the earth, and completely aligned with moon and stars.  It is also both a transmitter and receiver and opens the way for communication on a scale of which we have not yet conceived.  It re-awakens our star connections and reminds us that we have a whole level of support from our star families to call upon as we make our Ascension journey.

With 6 Silver Gaia bottles, we have 12 fractions, each one representing a strand of the 12-strand DNA that is being activated within us at this time as we more fully embody the Divine truth of who we are when we are not playing at being limited versions of ourselves.  The Silver Gaias are the homecoming we have longed for.  They guide us home to our star, but more importantly, they bring us home to ourselves, to the light within.

The Silver Gaias take us into the quantum fields where all is pure light.  They show us how to live on the new Golden Earth as awakened, ascended beings, fulfilling our light.  They are exquisite in their simplicity and bring extraordinary levels of peace.  They take us out into the galaxies and bring knowledge, insight and wisdom from far beyond our perceived limitations; but they also assist us to embody our light within us so that we walk it around the earth and breathe it out into the atmosphere and emanate it as we be it.  


G28 - New Dawn (Turquoise/Silver)

As the planet awakens we are now ready to consciously embrace a new era, one of peace and plenty for all upon the earth.  Here is the dream we have dreamt since the demise of Atlantis.  Now is the time of global shift into a higher vibration.  The silver fraction in each Silver Gaia bottle creates a very clear high vibration that will reveal and remove anything of a lower vibration. The turquoise softens and opens the heart and takes us into the energy of Aquarius which is global awareness and a sense of oneness.  This bottle shines with crystalline clarity and condenses the light into a brilliant, simple, still point of purity.  Here there are no thoughts, no lines, no shadows, no limits and no baggage.  Here all our ‘stuff’ can be dissolved in the frequency of transmutation and allowance.  This bottle serves to support those who came in to this lifetime with such a high vibration that they shut down because the energy of third dimensional density was too much to bear.  Now is the time to re-awaken so that you can become once again the pure point of light you have always been and take your place in the world as the light-bringer you are.


G29 - Children of the Light  (Silver / Turquoise)

Here is the silver link to the stars pouring straight into the turquoise of the heart, softening and opening this centre to an ability not just to love personally but also to a sense of oneness with all life.  This bottle takes us beyond the need to get caught up in emotion as a means to play out the dramas in our lives.  Now we can become an open vessel to allow, feel and express our feelings in the lightest and most genuine way.  This soft gentle combination perfectly mirrors the energy of benevolence, warm heartedness and loving kindness that will create peace on the new earth.  It is for all the children of the stars who have gifted us with their light so that earth might transcend her lower dimensional frequency and assist humanity to do the same.  The silver cord links us to heaven and all the beings we have been and are still to be.  The turquoise supports us in accepting all of those aspects of ourselves with total trust and acceptance that it has always been and will always be perfect.




G30 - Wisdom Keeper (Indigo / Silver)

This bottle is the deep starry night sky and the silver moon.  It puts us in touch with the awe, mystery and wonder of life and all that we have perceived as unknown.  It awakens the wisdom keeper within, activating memories of all that we have known and thought we had forgotten.  This is the acknowledgment that we have gone through many initiations to get to this place in our evolution.  We are the ones we have been waiting for and now we can totally allow our highest aspect to consciously be the power in our lives.  This is the conscious connection with our higher selves in each moment and the activation of a fully realised light body.   



G31 - Galactic Gateway (Silver / Indigo)

The depth of our subconscious patterning can be brought now into the silver light of consciousness and transformed.  This bottle shows us what is our soul truth and where we made up stories to match our emotions.   It will bring us back to balanced truth, clearing the stories that hold us stuck in outdated patterns.  It is the wisdom and light of the galaxies available to us now.  This bottle is a gateway to higher dimensions and the light of the universe so that we might travel out to the stars and bring back their radiant light to our earthly realm.  It enables us to create a sanctuary of peace within and to reflect that out to the world.



G32 - Garden of Light (Rose Pink / Silver)

Conscious love resting on inner light.  This reminds us of the ancient teachings that we brought with us from our star.  It is what we came to remember and to teach. This is what we can now be on the planet – pure love and brilliant Divine light.   This bottle shows us the joy of being love.  It says:  “We’ve made it!”  It is a celebration of all that we have been and all we have yet to become.  It is the garden of light that we planted eons ago, now coming into glorious full bloom.



G33 - Tree of Love (Silver / Rose Pink)

Deep in our inner being is the love that is our truest state.  Here is the heart that has never been wounded, broken or abused – our true heart that is simply pure unadulterated love.  This is the love of Jeshua; love as the foundation of our very being, love as the foundation of the new earth.  The clear silver channel links us to all the highest aspects of ourselves and all the dimensions we can access at this time and the love in our depths is able to be shared through this light with every living being in the cosmos.  This is how big we really are when we claim this level of love and this level of light.  This is mastery.