Second Degree Course Description

Okuden: Reiki Second Degree

Your Reiki 'Second Degree' course lasts for 12-13 hours, which is equivalent to two day's training. You spend approx. six hours working through a multimedia study pack, at your leisure, and then attend a one-day course.

This approach provides you with a complete training in Reiki at Second Degree. You can learn at your leisure, in the comfort of your own home, allowing you to learn the three Reiki symbols fully, giving a chance for all the information to sink in and to raise any questions that you might have. You then arrive on the course well-prepared and already knowing a great deal about Reiki. We spend the live part of your course working with energy and putting what you have learned into practice.

The Study Pack

You will have a chance to go through your study pack usually for a few weeks before the course, and this gives you a good grounding in Second Degree Reiki. Imparting a load of information on a live course is a really ineffective way to learn or to teach, so we help you to get to grips with the 'knowledge' side of Reiki before you arrive on your day-course. The study pack consists of a comprehensive professionally-printed 110-page 'Okuden' manual and a specially-produced audio CD containing extensive commentary tracks. Your pre-course reading and listening will focus you on these areas:
  • What Reiki's founder taught and how we can follow the original system in the modern world
  • How to benefit from the energies of earth ki and heavenly ki through meditation
  • The importance of experiencing a state of oneness and its use in distant healing
  • How to use earth ki and heavenly ki when treating others
  • How to open yourself to intuitive working
  • Ways of directing the energy using intent
  • The Reiki symbols: how to draw them and say their names

We will go over this information briefly on the day of the course, but most of the day will concentrate on practice rather than theory.

What is so important about Second Degree?

First Degree Reiki provides you with a solid foundation for your future practice, and provides you with important tools that you can use to help balance your energy system, and promote self-healing and spiritual development. But there is far more to Reiki than can be passed on - or assimilated - in just one course. Reiki 'Second Degree' with Reiki Evolution provides you with ways of deepening your experience of the energy, furthering your self-healing and spiritual development, and providing you with approaches that will enhance your treatment of others, whether in person or at a distance. Second Degree moves your Reiki onto a new level.

Further your self-healing and spiritual development

On the Second Degree course it echoes the original system that Reiki's founder taught by still rooting your practice in personal energy work. Reiki is first and foremost about you, about your development and growth, and at Second Degree you will learn further tools that you can use to move your experience of Reiki on to the next level.

So on this course you will learn to enhance and deepen your self-healing by getting to grips with and fully assimilating two important energies - two important aspects of the energy - referred to as earth ki and heavenly ki in the original system. Meditating on earth ki and heavenly ki regularly will help to really move on you self-healing.  We will use some symbols to represent or access these important energies, or aspects of the energy. Two of the symbols that we use are based on those that were taught to one of Dr Hayashi's students. A further symbol has been drawn for us by a Japanese Master Calligrapher, and so is completely accurate.

Make your Reiki treatments more intense

The energies of earth ki and heavenly ki can also be used in a treatment context, and doing so allows treatments to become more intense, with the energy focusing strongly on physical healing, or mental/emotional/spiritual balancing. You will learn various ways of accessing these energies when you treat, through the use of a couple of symbols.

Practise distant healing

Distant healing is possible at First Degree level, of course, but we focus more on distant healing at Second Degree. But we come at distant healing from a different angle than most courses: distant healing is an expression of 'oneness', one of the goals of the original Reiki system taught by Mikao Usui in the 1920s in Japan. We explore oneness, its significance, and the way that this state can be expressed when working on others either in person or at a distance.

Explore the power of Intent and Intuition

Second Degree should be about moving beyond the basic guidelines of First Degree, to embrace intuitive working and to understand the importance of intent. A major part of this course involves using a Japanese approach to treating others that allows the energy to guide your hands to the right places to treat, so rather than following a prescribed set of hand positions, you will gear your hand combinations to the energy needs of each person you work on. Intuitive Reiki treatments are something special: deep and intense, a wonderful experience for both the giver and receiver.

Strengthen your connection to Reiki

'Second Degree' brings the student up to 'practitioner' level, and the three Japanese empowerments that your teacher gives you, will enable you to 'hold' and channel more energy than was possible at First Degree. The empowerments also connect you strongly to aspects of the energy that are represented by the three Reiki symbols. You will learn how to use the three Reiki symbols and mantras, which can be used as a basis for self-treatment, and which help to make your treatments stronger and more effective, as well as some other simple and inspiring approaches from Japan.

The Audio CD

Our Reiki Second Degree course is accompanied by one audio CD, unless you took your First Degree elsewhere, in which case we will send you our "Reiki meditations" audio CD too. The 'Okuden' CD contains an hour of commentary which summarises the main themes of your course, and the "Reiki Meditations" CD contains guided meditations that you will use at First and Second Degree levels.

By having on CD the main things that are said to you on the day course, you really are able to 'take your course home with you'. You won't forget what you were told on the course because you can hear it all again at home, at your own leisure! 

The guided meditations take you through a distant healing sessions and a special symbol meditation. So instead of fumbling around trying to read the instructions in your manual while trying to keep in the flow of it, you can simply flip on the CD, close your eyes, and follow the instructions. Your meditation will flow all the more easily because of this, and you'll learn how to do it without having to try too hard!

The Course Manual

The course is accompanied by a comprehensive, professionally-printed manual that covers everything we teach on the day.  On the course you can relax, safe in the knowledge that everything we do is there in the manual for you to take home with you. You do not need to take notes on the course! The 'Okuden' manual runs to 110 A4 pages, with 40,000 words.



The Certificate

All courses are accompanied by an attractive certificate written in Japanese kanji and Western text, and signed by your teacher. In this case your certificate confirms that you have received instruction and Reiju empowerments and have satisfied the requirements of the "Second Degree" of Reiki.


Course Fees

The fee for the Second Degree Course is £210.00. You pay a deposit of £80 in advance and the balance is paid to your teacher on the day of your course. Or alternatively you can pay the whole amount in advance via Paypal.  You will be issued with a receipt.

Coming from another lineage?

If you took your First Degree course elsewhere, we would not expect you to redo your First Degree with us, but what we will do is to send you our First Degree course materials - the course manual and audio CD - so that you can see exactly what we teach at this level. We will also set you some 'homework' to do so that you have been through the same practical exercises as our other First Degree students, so you don't miss out. These materials cost £33.00 are paid for when you pay your course deposit.