Master Teacher (Shinpiden) Level


The Reiki Master/Teacher degree is for those who wish to either deepen their level of Reiki or teach and attune others through the three Reiki levels. The Reiki information you learn during these two days will allow you to pass Reiki on to others and to teach it. The course is held over two days in peaceful and tranquil surroundings where you will be initiated as a Reiki Master/Teacher.
Students coming from other lineages.
If you have come from other lineages and have not been trained in the important techniques that have come from Japan, I would expect you to learn Japanese Reiki techniques before going on to do Mastership. The new teachings are so important to the future development of Reiki in the West. One way to achieve this would be for you to redo your First and Second Degree training with us, so you are 'in tune' with the way we do things, but that can start to get expensive, so we achieve this by way of a self-study 'conversion course' based on sending you our Reiki1 and Reiki2 course manuals and three Audio CDs together with 'homework' instructions for you to carry out. The total cost of the First Degree manual and audio CD, the Second Degree manual and audio CD, and the "Reiki Meditations" audio CD is £50.00.  Plus the deposit of £100.00.  The total cost of a conversion course is £350.00.
Reiki Master/Teacher Level (Shinpiden) Syllabus
A 2-day course in which you will learn:-
* The Original system that Mikao Usui taught
* Learning additional Symbols
* Experiencing energies in different ways
* The use of the Reiki Kotodama
* The power of Intent
* How to carry out Western 'attunements'
* How to carry out Japanese 'attunements'
* Distance connections and self'empowerments
* and you will have lots of practice on the day!
At the end of the two-day course you will receive:
• A detailed Reiki Manual (no need to take notes!)
• Your Reiki Master Teacher Degree Attunement
• Your Reiki Master Teacher Certificate

COURSE FEE: £350.00 (non-refundable deposit: £100.00 - secures your place)




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3.  OR  Students coming from other lineages pay £150.00 for our "self-study" Conversion Course, to cover the cost of the Reiki 1 & 2 manual & CDs (£50.00 study pack +£100.00 deposit).  Balance is paid on the day of the course.


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