Sparkling Dragon Essences

These essences were created specifically to remind you of who you really are and to activate aspects of yourself that you may have forgotten about.  The dragons kept the earth's mysteries alive while humanity fully embraced third dimensional reality.  Now that we are shifting our consciousness, the dragons are back to remind us of the higher dimensional truth of ourselves and the earth.




The Black Dragon

Black Dragon represents death and rebirth.  He relates to the phoenix which is always reborn more beautiful and more powerful than before.  This dragon reminds you that the journey is an endless series of deaths and births – and that is OK.  He is black with silver sparkles, indicating that in the darkness there is always light.  His gift is bringing light into the darkness and a reminder that there is a bigger picture.  Endings are always beginnings and every step along the way is for our highest good.  Black Dragon helps us release our judgements around death and darkness and what we have considered evil.

The Copper Dragon

The copper dragon is an ancient Chinese dragon holding all of the ancient feminine knowledge of the earth. She glows into your life when you need to be reminded that powerful and female is OK.  She knows what she knows and is so firmly rooted in her Divine that she takes away all the doubts you might have about who you really are.  She is connected to the energy of the Goddess Quan Yin, who is the goddess of compassion and mercy.  Her favourite way to travel was on the back of a dragon.  This dragon is very helpful for people who practice Reiki or any form of energy healing.  She helps us heal our judgements of the things we find difficult about being on the planet and being human.




The Red Dragon

This dragon brings understanding, empathy and compassion into all situations where there has been anger and resentment.  His power is huge and he knows that no matter how much blood has been spilled on this earth, the only way it will heal and move forward is through love.  Use this essence when your anger feels as if it can never be appeased.  Red Dragon brings forgiveness and puts you back in your power again, showing you that you can never fight it right; you can only love it right.  This essence clears the etheric body and helps us to align and shift our energies on all levels.

The Pink Dragon

She gently shimmers into your life when you need to be reminded that only love exists and that it is time to play and not to be so very serious and adult all the time.  She brings love in her wake and laughter.  She appeals to little ones of all ages and knows about a happy childhood at any age.  She awakens the magical child within each of us with joy, love and laughter.  Use this essence when you are feeling sad and down and unloved.




The Gold Dragon

This dragon activates power – true raw power that brooks no argument.  He can and has moved mountains and he reminds you that you can do the same.  He is rich and abundant and wild and he allows you to be that too.  Use this essence to activate your ancient wisdom and your ability to see clearly.  This dragon helps to clear imbalances of the third eye as gold is the complementary colour of royal blue which relates to the third eye. He helps in letting go of the fear of being psychic and supports you in consciously and magically creating all that you desire.  Helps release judgements on what you have perceived to be abuse of power.


The Green Dragon

This dragon brings in the new and the spring and all new beginnings.  He makes you feel safe when everything is changing and you are overwhelmed with anxiety.  He heals hearts and brings healing to the planet.  He knows about cycles and seasons and the benefit of change.  He holds deep compassion for the planet and humanity who, out of their fear, killed the dragons and forced them into hiding.  This is his time.  The healing has started now that he has awakened.  This energy helps at a deep level to release the judgement of death.  We judge and fear death more than anything and so we keep attracting it.  With the help of this essence we can get another perspective on it and maybe begin to see it clearly as just another step in our evolution - another new beginning.


Turquoise Dragon

This dragon holds the energy of the new age and is about an opening of the high heart centre. She is female and light and brings air and water together - mind and emotions.  She helps us to think with our hearts and to feel with our minds. She is the embodiment of Aquarius and is the one to use when we are ready to go global.  She instantly spreads her energy around the planet and brings harmony into all our fear-based projections about the planet as well as our own survival.  In Chinese mythology, Quan Yin, the goddess of mercy and compassion, rides on a turquoise dragon, so this essence will also connect us to our ability to carry mercy and compassion into all our life experiences.  She feels as if she is a combination of the Copper and Royal Blue Dragons as she has a starry quality but is also very grounded.


The Royal Blue Dragon

This dragon’s tail is the Milky Way.  She is vast and mysterious and holds the knowledge of the stars within her being.  She is ancient and wise and remembers your starry incarnations, reminding you of those lifetimes when you knew who you were and had not taken on your human smallness. Feel her shimmery power in your energy field and remember where you came from.  This dragon can help you connect with your angelic support.  Good for opening the third eye.


The White Dragon

This dragon is complementary to the Black Dragon.  She holds the same energy of bringing light into darkness and a reminder that night and day have equal value.  She relates to the light of the moon and will reflect to you who you really are.  She is gentle and wise and brings clarity and lightness into heavy situations and supports the process of grieving.   This essence is most helpful when it feels as if the road ahead is too dark to carry on.  She brings relief when there seems to be no reason to go on.  She is the light at the end of the tunnel. She is the rainbow of hope after difficulties.  Love yourself enough to let her in and she will carry you.  This dragon gives us the opportunity to stop judging what we see in the mirror.

Diamond Unicorn

Here we have an astonishing burst of light and when we wait for its diamond hardness and crystalline sharpness to hit us, we suddenly find ourselves wrapped in the warmest softest embrace. How surprising…And then suddenly we get that this level of light never needs to be harsh. It can be so gentle because nothing can threaten it. This is true power and because it senses itself as that it does not need anything hard to describe it.


Traditionally the Unicorn is symbolic of the Christ energy and with this essence we feel that sense of the gentle power that Christ had that could say, “Love your enemy” and “Turn the other cheek”. Why would we need to defend ourselves against anything if our power is this vast?


The Diamond Unicorn connects to pure, true, clarity that is so high that nothing negative can exist in its light and therefore it can be soft and gentle.


This essence will be most helpful when we need clarity in situations of power struggle.  It will put us in a place where we can see with the clarity and purity of the Christ and know that all aggression is only a response from the part of us that feels small.


Because this essence is so gentle it goes into the places where we generally do not let anything in and so have been able to hide it from ourselves.  It will allow healing of all the places in ourselves that we have been too scared to face. In the embrace of this gentle essence we can relax and let go and find the true and tender light that has always been hidden within us. This gentle energy is what true power is about. Like a diamond it is indestructible and once we connect with it we can never forget what it is and how easy it is to be this.  Try it, you’ll like it.



Opalescence - NEW!!!

Every product in Colour Mirrors has at its basis the intent to reflect or mirror back to us who we really are.  As the Earth changes we are experiencing an ongoing expansion of our light and Opalescence shows us the limitless luminosity that enfolds us constantly and of which we are part.  This essence with its very accessible energy of sunlight and soft summer roses reflects back to us the multi-levelled light and colour we all hold.  We are precious beyond belief and we are vast and universal.  Breathe this essence in and connect with the beauty, the blessing, the light and the colours that truly reflect you.  With this essence we can connect to the energy of Mary Magdalene who held the female Christ energy to remind us that every moment is already perfect.  This essence will help to bring you to a place where every moment can be blessed, accepted, forgiven and loved; to a place where you can be blessed, accepted, forgiven, loved and acknowledged for the vastness of your true self.  Allow this essence to soften and release any resistance you are holding within you and step into its soft, warm embrace.

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