Gaia Bottles

 The Feet Chakras are one of the important minor chakras in the human energy system and relate to creating a stronger connection to Mother Earth. This is where Mother Earth speaks to us – we become a clear channel to the earth.  These Gaia bottles help us to connect to Mother Earth much more closely.  Having come from a place of being bitterly unhappy on the planet, we now feel deeply connected to Mother Earth and life on the planet.  


G1.       Incarnating (Clear / Copper)

The message in this bottle is that you have easy access to the wisdom of the planet. Having come from a place of being bitterly unhappy on Earth you can now feel deeply connected to Gaia and life on the planet.  This bottle assists with releasing unhappy past lives and coming to terms with incarnation.


G2.       The Core (Copper / Copper)

This bottle is the real "Earth Mother", representing the grounded earthiness that loves to take care of others.  If this is your bottle, one of your joys is to help others connect with the earth and develop their innate love for the planet.  This bottle is good for the star-children who feel so disassociated with earth and the energies of the earth and helps to ground the computer babies.  Excellent for focusing and grounding indigo children so that they might connect with their reason for being on the planet.  This bottle is a great support for those who have experienced birth trauma.



G3.       Return from Atlantis (Copper / Turquoise)

Information from Atlantis being fed into the earth plane healing all the trauma of the sinking of Atlantis and the abuse of power in that lifetime.  Subconscious knowledge being brought into the conscious mind for the planet.  Also healing past life trauma through a death by drowning.  The gift in this bottle is that it connects the information from the dolphins and whales into the earth consciousness.  Also good for people who feel unsafe on planet earth.  This bottle relates to the programming we received while in utero. All your mother’s thoughts and feelings about her pregnancy can be cleared out of your system by using this bottle.


 G4.       Ancient Mother (Pink / Copper)

Mother of all – this bottle would heal post partum depression (baby blues is healed by the pink) as it heals issues with one’s physical mother and issues about being on earth and feeling unsupported by Gaia.  Good for Gaia alienation.  Helpful to connect with one’s own mothering ability.  Connects us with our inner child and heals old childhood issues.  Good for processing, particularly issues with a mother-in-law.



G5.       Earth Wisdom (Gold / Copper)

The power belongs to the earth and the Goddess.  Claim it in this lifetime so that the lessons do not have to be repeated.  This is a time for a power shift from the masculine to the feminine and for all beings it is time to let the feminine side feel powerful again.  This will stop the abuse of power that we have experienced during a patriarchal rule.  Claim your creativity and your ability to be God and stop playing God.  Be everything you have come to be on this planet and claim it as your home.  Find the golden wisdom in your connection with the earth and begin to live the golden age.  It is here now.

G6.       The Goddess Awakens (Copper / Olive)

Deep from the inner being awakens the female and allows her love to be drawn up into the earth plane.  She has been buried in the depths for so long but this is the time of her awakening.  Female and powerful is a concept we have almost forgotten but she is back.  This is the beginning of her time.  Also for people who feel connected to the Devic realms and a connection to the Dragons.  The main message in this bottle is that the difficult times are over.  Begin to feel the joy.



G7.       Gaia and The Elohim (Copper / Clear)

This is where we start to live our spirituality on the planet, where being abundant and spiritual at one time no longer feels foreign.  We are the vessel through which Gaia and the Elohim are able to communicate and holding these two energies will feel strange until we are used to it.  This bottle will be chosen by people who have gone through enormous spiritual growth and who may have battled to remain grounded in the process.  As we realise that the light of the Creator is within us we also begin to see that in all beings and in the earth.  This is about claiming our deep connection to the earth and the love and light of the mother that has nurtured us up to this point when she is ready to ascend and in her ascension will take us with her.


G8.       Illumination (Deep Magenta/Deep Magenta)

This bottle is the darkest of the entire range.  It is called Illumination as it is only by going into the darkness and embracing it that we have the potential to step into the light.  By embracing the shadow we release the judgement and the fear of the unspeakable that we all hold within our shadows and only by facing that can we get beyond it to a place where creation of our reality can take place.  We create our reality all the time.  Everything we have in our lives exists because we created it, albeit unconsciously.  G8 is there to help us go into that heart of darkness in our subconscious and begin to feel the warmth and depth and support that exist there.  It is the seat of all potential.  It is that moment when sleep finally overtakes us. The void. The place of dreams. This bottle helps us to clear our genetic lines and what we have inherited physically and karmically.  The “sins” of the fathers can no longer be visited on the children once the past darkness has been illuminated.  This is the bottle to use to clear issues with the physical body as it illuminates what we believe about our bodies and being physical.  It is the ultimate support in helping us to create our reality.  By focusing on what we desire to create and generate this bottle helps us clear unconscious blocks and bring clarity into what stops us from claiming our absolute magnificence.


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