Body Freedom Range

Imagine a body that is free from addictive patterns and free from judgements of what it should or should not be.  Imagine a body that is free to move lightly and with ease, a body that is free to be a powerful vehicle for your magnificence.  Imagine a body that is no longer a slave to your cravings and addictive patterns.  This is body freedom!

In this exciting new range we have several essences to support you in creating freedom in and for your body.   With our two new essences, violet-magenta "Soul" and yellow-gold "Power", we have a power pack for anyone who would like to experience more freedom in their body.  Body Freedom reconnects you to the deliciousness of life and helps you restore the true freedom of your own natural power so that your relationship to your body and to food – whatever that may currently be - may return to balance.




“Soul” essence may be used before meals to reconnect to you with your spirit and help you move away from eating for any reason other than to fuel the body and to keep it healthy, energised and happy.  

It is a connector, re-establishing your link to your higher self so that you can break free of the limiting patterns and limited viewpoints that keep you from experiencing true body freedom.  

“Power” essence
 may be used after meals to support digestion and metabolism.  This essence is a combination of gold and yellow and, as the name suggests, is about reconnecting you with your power. 


Body Freedom essences can also be used by those who struggle to keep weight on or who resist taking in adequate fuel for their bodies.  They are simply used in reverse order, “Power” before meals and “Soul” afterwards, where Power reconnects you with the true power of your body and Soul re-establishes the link to your light so that you already know yourself as that light rather seeking it by trying to control your body.


These new essences can be supplemented and enhanced by the Wood, Red Angel and Opalescence essences from the Colour Mirrors system.  Wood helps you clear out any old or limiting self-images you may be holding and supports you as your body physically detoxifies.  Red Angel boosts your energy levels and keeps up your momentum to make shifts in your lives and bodies.  Together they help you release emotions that have kept you from being free in your body.



Opalescence helps you to release resistance in the most gentle way as well as being incredibly nurturing and loving.  Its energy has been found to ease and soften any situation, release stress and help with letting go of the 'story'.  We highly recommend it as part of the Body Freedom package.  

The Colour Mirrors Body Freedom range supports you as you make the changes to your life that can ultimately lead to body freedom.



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