Dual Coloured Oils


1.             The Sun – I Am (Yellow / Yellow)

The first bottle vibrates to the energy of the sun – the light source and the life force of our world.  It also resonates with the energy centre at the centre of our being, the solar plexus.  This first bottle is an acknowledgement of our “I Am”ness - that feeling of total connectedness with our highest aspect.  True power in the sense that there is an acknowledgement of oneness and the energy of the Divine in all of Creation.  Yellow is the colour of joy, intellect, brightness and light.  This bottle will clear confusion and fear and bring back the joy.  Very helpful for depression.


2.         The Moon – I Feel (Pale Blue / Royal Blue)

This bottle relates to the energy of the moon, tides, seasons and cycles of existence.  It relates to our knowing of what lies in the shadow of our being.  Two is the number of duality coming to oneness.  There has to be a knower and a known.  It relates to the throat, choice and taking responsibility for our word.  In the beginning was the word and the word was made manifest.  At this powerful time of shifting consciousness we have to be ever vigilant of what we say.  As we acknowledge ourselves as part of the Creator, we also have to acknowledge that we are therefore creative and our word will always be made manifest.  This bottle is helpful for difficulties with communication and making yourself heard. Blue is the colour of peace, protection and a connection with the Angelic realms.  When you choose these colours you are asked to feel this blue cloak of protection enfolding you and to know that you are looked after.  So far very few of your fears have manifested.  Begin to have faith that what has kept you safe up to now will continue to look after you. 


3.      Jupiter (Coral / Coral )

Huge, expansive and powerful.  This number resonates with the new Christ Ray.  The colours indicate love (pink) and wisdom (yellow) to make the coral.  It is a colour that indicates a move away from old patterns of giving power away and to reclaiming who you are and what you’re for fearlessly.  This is a time of finally standing up and saying “This is who I am on the planet”.  When we are able to do that with conviction the universe will support us with its blessings and Jupiter’s beneficence will be felt in our lives.  This could be a time of great blessings when we unconditionally accept ourselves with love and compassion. 


4.         Uranus (Yellow / Deep Turquoise)

This planet signifies change and disruption of the old order.  It is a time to clear everything that no longer serves you.  This is your time to let go of old beliefs, structures, people and places that are not in alignment with your truth.  This is the planet of the future and is about the clearing of everything that will not fit into the golden age of Aquarius.  Expect the unexpected.


5.         Mercury (Green / Pale Green)

Mercurial, quick-minded, with a sense of feeling that is quicker than logic, this bottle relates to Gemini – movement, communication and versatility.  Begin to be the magician and be aware that the old pattern of being the trickster no longer serves you.  All has to be upfront and clear in your dealings.  The number five is about dealing with issues of discipline and freedom.  These colours signify change and new beginnings and are about letting go of all the masks.  Everything that you have used to hide behind has to be removed.  The truth about your magnificence has to be told clearly and if any part of you still wants to hide, it will make life quite difficult.  The answer to the dilemma that these colours present is to be constantly aware of what makes you feel small and to change that.  This is your time.  You can only be free by being honest with yourself. 


6.         Venus (Pink / Pink)

Venus relates to love, harmony and joy in relationships.  She is feminine and brings love into our lives when we learn that love from the outside comes when we reach a place of deep self-acceptance.  Pink is the colour of unconditional love and tells us that the more we are able to love ourselves, the more abundant our lives will be.  A feeling of “not enough” inside will always lead to a reality reflection of “not enough” outside.  This is also the colour we relate to the feminine side and mothering.  Maybe now is the time to treat yourself to some of your own nurturing energy.


7.         Neptune (Turquoise / Deep Turquoise)

Neptune was the Roman god of the sea and rules mystery, spirituality and the depths of the unconscious.  Turquoise relates to mystery, illusion, miracles and faith.  If this is your colour, you are always able to hear others troubles and are a great peace-bringer to those suffering difficulties.  Clairvoyant and intuitive, it is not easy for you to share your secrets with others so you tend to carry your burdens alone.   This is also a time to trust that miracles can happen and that you are on the brink of something wonderful.  Trust the process – it works.


8.         Saturn (Pale Violet / Deep Violet)

Saturn is old father time, stern and fair.  He relates to destiny and what we have set up that is not negotiable.  Time passes and we cannot stop its progress.  Saturn brings gifts when we stop judging ourselves.  When we understand that no one judges us but that we are in a process of balancing, Saturn will bring us great gifts in terms of wisdom and a deeper understanding of our greater selves.  We just have to overcome the feeling of restriction and burden and look deeper for the gifts.  Persistence is one of Saturn’s gifts.  This is not a time to rush things.  Saturn insists that the new will be built on a solid foundation.


9.         Mars (Red / Orange)

Powerful and warlike, Mars is the source of our fire energy.  Use it wisely to change what needs changing rather than just being angry and frustrated.  These colours urge you not to spend your life being meek and angry.  Say what needs saying rather than holding grudges that endlessly play in your head as “I should have said”.   Mars is a powerful ally when things need to be set in motion.  Now is the moment for drastic action.  This bottle will energise you so you can do and say what needs doing and saying.

10.        Wheel of Fortune (Gold / Olive)

This number relates to Isis, the goddess who gave birth to the sun.  The wheel has turned and now it is time for the wisdom, to which gold relates, to be in our conscious minds so that we might activate the feminine power within – the power and the light.  Olive is the green of the heart mixed with the gold in the solar plexus – our power centre, then becoming power connected to love so that it can never be abused.  It will always be a soft, therefore feminine power.  This bottle relates to an Egyptian lifetime and it asks you to remember who you were at that time.  This power can be reactivated for you now as you stand before great changes in your life.  You can do it.  You have everything you need to make it work.  Trust your heart.

11.        Duality (Deep Magenta / Clear) Opposing forces as the two ones stand side by side but not together.  A lack of unity and difficulty in making decisions as the two ones oppose.  A master number, and the hidden message is that it is our last look at issues of separation (think of the twin towers on 11th September).  A difficult life path as we struggle to bring together the light and the dark.  Look deeper.  The dark is deep magenta, the colour related to Divine love and healing.  Hidden in these colours are the answers to all issues of separation. This is where we finally let go of judgment of God who got us into the mess in the first place.  When we get to the level of mastery that sees only perfection in the imperfection of our lives, the realisation comes that it was always perfect anyway and then we can fully step into the gift of being divinely loved

12.        Sacrifice – Victim (Coral / Red)

A last look at our belief that we somehow have to be or provide a blood sacrifice to achieve spiritual mastery.  Where are you still feeling victimised?  Are you holding on to the belief that vows of poverty and celibacy are necessary for us to be spiritual?  Our new journey has to be through GRACE.  We are now firmly on the path of grace.  All our past experiences are being acknowledged and released so that we may stand up and recognise our journey as one that is bringing heaven to earth.  Into the red where it is most real (my cancer is real; my overdraft is real and it is killing me).  The vibration of the new.  We are the ‘I Am’.


13.        Transformation - Pluto (Dark Violet / Pale Violet)

Number 13 has been the focus of many superstitions over the ages.  The number thirteen has been seen as negative for several reasons, particularly in regard to the 13th apostle.  If we look again, however, we will see that there were 12 plus Christ just as there were 12 Knights of the Round Table plus Arthur, so Christ and Arthur were the 13th members of the group.  Thirteen is, in effect, the number of the master of the group.  It is also the number that relates to Scorpio, the sign of mystery and the one most likely to make us all a bit uncomfortable.  Scorpios always know more and deeper than the rest of us and are able to keep their secrets.  It is the sign of death and regeneration, of being able to go through the dark night of the soul and come out stronger.  The scorpion, the lizard and the phoenix.  Rebirth.  These colours signify the releasing of grief so that it might be used as service to the world.  Stand up and let the world see the new you.


14.        Movement – Challenge (Pale Turquoise / Pale Turquoise)

Communication is the key word when evaluating the number 14.  Magnetic communication with the public.  Mercury rules number 14, which has to do with communication and movement.  This number rules the media – publishing, television and the internet.  The unexpected can happen at any moment.  Travel is in the air; good fortune is yours.  Soon you will find the sanctuary your spirit calls for.

15.        Magician (Olive / Olive)

Magic based on feminine power.  Olive has built into it hope for the future.  Olive is made up of yellow and green; green is the heart and yellow is the solar plexus and the combination of the two combines love and power.  The magician is the bringer of heaven to earth because he has owned his power to co-create.  This is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  15 reduces to 6 and vibrates with the planet Venus which is love and magic.  All you have to remember is to include others in your magic and to make sure you create for the good of the greater whole.


16.        The Tower (Olive / Lilac)

The image of the Tarot card is of a tower struck by lightning and a body falling which is the exact image we saw on September 11, 2001.  The meaning of the card and bottle is therefore very closely linked to what it is we are living through at the moment.  We all seem to be on the path of the tower in some way or another.  In our own situation it is the explosion of the structures we hold onto because we believe them to be our comfort zones even though they are no longer serving us.  The colours, violet and olive green, are a clear indication of this vibration – it is your spirit (violet) that needs you to move for your greater good so that you might begin to function with love (green) rather than from fear (yellow).  This says that your spirit will never let you down.  You are now being taken seriously as a spiritual being having a human experience and wherever change takes you it will always be perfect.


17.        Star of the Magi (Coral / Royal Blue)

This relates to the star card in the Tarot which has always been the wish card.  When you choose these colours you have somehow come to a place of grace and at this point you can wish with the full knowledge that your wishes will be fulfilled.  This is a time of karmic payback – all the good you have done is about to be returned tenfold.  The magi were the wise men who found the Christ as directed by the star – you are the wise one and the star will direct your path and take you exactly where your soul needs you to be.  This bottle is always an indication of a change of status – a new way of describing yourself ie. marriage, a new career, huge new possibilities.

18.        Spiritual and Material Conflict (Red / Rose Pink)

This is a difficult vibration because it denotes confusion and a struggle.  One often feels betrayed when this number comes up.  Notice what blocks you from bringing heaven to earth and notice where you still betray yourself by not believing that you are the “I AM”.  These colours are all about bringing heaven to earth, the earth being the red, the lowest vibration where we hold onto what is REAL.  Your health, money and relationships are all the real things in your life.  This is the last bit of illusion that needs to be overcome so that you might see them as part of your spiritual journey and the way back to the Allness.  This bottle indicates a lifetime as a nun or monk.


19.        Prince of Heaven (Pale Magenta / Pale Gold)

Resurrection and new beginnings.  This is a most positive colour combination as the magenta denotes Divine love, lit up and shining upon you and the pale gold underneath denotes a deep sense of your own power and beauty.  You have come through the dark night of the soul and now it is time to own heaven’s blessings of joy and love.  You are the power in your life and everyone would agree with you at this point.  You are the king or queen of your world.  Enjoy this time of peace and plenty.


20.        Awakening (Magenta / Copper)

The awakening is the soul awakening to its true self and understanding the essential truth that there is no separation.  These colours say that we never left home in the first place.  As we realise that the Creator is in everything we begin to understand that where we are in this moment is where heaven is.  We are the Creator in a physical form and the copper connected to the magenta is where we begin to understand that we are bodies as souls – of heaven and of earth.  There is no separation, and our physical forms are the link between heaven and earth.  Souls and bodies are as one and we awaken when we see that truth clearly.  What seems furthest removed from spirit becomes God’s perfection unfolding when we see it all as God, all perfect.

21.        Crown of the Magi (Gold / Yellow)

This is the golden crown bestowed upon the successful initiate.  You have come through the dark and testing times successfully and now you can wear your crown of glory with pride.  This is the end of a cycle and you have come of age.  You are now 21 and fully responsible for what you create and how your life unfolds.  You no longer doubt your ability and your courage has overcome many obstacles.  You can look forward to worldly gains and peace in your heart.

22.        Forgiveness (Deep Magenta / Pale Magenta)

This is a challenging number and relates to the Fool in the Tarot.  The Fool has to start the journey again and again, however in these colours lie the answers to the fool’s predicament.  Magenta relates to Divine love.  This is a time to let go and let God.  Hand it all over to a higher power and submit to the Creator’s plan for your greatest good.  Keep your faith and your innocence and enter the Kingdom of Heaven with childlike awe.  You are starting a new cycle and the more you let go of your fear and connect to Divine love, the easier the journey will be.  These colours are strongly indicative of a healer’s journey and ask us to finally forgive God.


23.        Initiation (Royal Blue / Royal Blue)

23 Reduces to 5 and is ruled by Mercury.  This is the number for Karmic rewards and blessings.  Wisdom, power and spirituality, reflecting the gifts of many incarnations come together for service to humanity.  Peace and happiness reign and you are magnetically attracting all that you desire.  These colours indicate an initiation successfully completed.  What was so difficult in this last cycle of events has now passed on and you can be at peace.  Well done successful initiate.

24.        Love, Money & Creativity (Pale Magenta / Pale Olive)

This is a time when it seems appropriate to look at the tapestry of your life and recognise that every stitch was perfect, the light ones and the dark ones.  The design as woven by you as the Creator was in fact a design so cosmically, profoundly perfect that it leaves you breathless.  You have to now acknowledge that your conscious mind could not have worked out such a perfect design which always took you to the perfect place at the perfect time to get you to exactly this point in time, with all the gifts and understanding that you now have.  Well done, you are the master weaver and your work is a work of art.  Also begin to acknowledge that the main part of the design was love.  Where love shows in the design is where there is a glow to the design that attracts others.  Look at how the threads of love were woven through the design and what an important part of the picture that is.  Now is the time to own the blessings of love, money and creativity in your life and to own the gifts of the past that got you there.  This is your heritage from past lifetimes.  You have earned it all.


25.       Trust (Turquoise / Yellow)

This is the time to move beyond judgment.  Begin to see how the flow and your faith have always taken you exactly where you needed to be.  Discrimination is seeing clearly and making decisions from a basis of strength.  This is totally opposite to choosing from a fear-based judgment.  You have been given the ability to analyse so that you might understand the differences between things without giving them a good or bad label.  Use your intuition and trust that you will always be where you are the most useful and begin to trust and be at peace with life.  At the deepest level learn to discriminate, analyse and then follow your bliss, which is the easiest way to be in the flow.  This has all the potential for new planet living.

26.        Partnerships (Magenta / Olive Green)

This number reduces to 8 and relates to Saturn.  This is not an easy vibration and the main lesson is to stand on your own two feet.  There is not the space for co-dependency.  We are all God in a body, and we cannot be in a space where someone else does it for us.  It is time to stand on your own and be counted otherwise you will have to face challenging situations relating to personal, business or financial situations.  Clear any resentments and anger and learn the lessons of radical forgiveness.  This is a time to forgive and love.  The magenta in the top relates to divine love and the olive to feminine leadership.  These colours relate to our relationship with Father God and Mother Earth.  As we make peace with the male and female energies within us, balance will follow in all our dealings.

27.        Sceptre (Orange / Gold)

The Sceptre is the symbol of royalty, power and wholeness.  It blesses the individual with courage and promises huge karmic rewards gained through several lifetimes.  As you have sown in the most positive sense you will now bring in the harvest.  You and your higher self are becoming one and you are co-creating a magical reality.  27 reduces to 9 and relates to Mars.  Use your power and energy wisely.  Orange is the colour of bliss and enlightenment.  This is your time.


28.        New Beginnings (Yellow / Pale Turquoise)

This bottle more than any other is about a new beginning.  These colours indicate that the door is finally opening in a very real, accessible way to the new age.  This is the sun shining on Atlantis and as we recreate the joy we can recreate a golden age.  This bottle also relates to the Goddess Lakshmi who brings good fortune in her wake and whose message is to love your life right.  You cannot fight or panic it into being better, you can only love it into joy.  These colours bring trust and joy and a sense of fun, and as there is nothing more important than feeling joyous this bottle will help you create the reality that serves you best – so stop worrying.  Everything is going to be fine.

29.        Grace Under Pressure (Deep Turquoise / Deep Magenta)

This vibration carries the heaviest lessons of all.  This is the path of the master.  You will only do life in this way if you have chosen a path of accelerated healing and learning.  This is the choice of the Olympic spiritual athlete.  This path has been immeasurably difficult but the outcome will be as magnificent as the journey was hard.  No one who is not very serious about their spiritual service and their journey towards the light will choose this path.  You are back to help humanity to not make the same mistakes again.  Clear the past karma, which is only ever based on self-judgment, and release yourself.  It is now time to turn the corner and stop the suffering and reap the rewards of this incredible journey.  Your higher self and your angels know who you are and you are very loved and supported.  Honour yourself for your choices.  This has been the path of Job and you have had to lose everything to gain everything and more.  Step into grace.  All the debts are paid and you are free.


30.        Creativity (Deep Turquoise / Pale Turquoise)

This colour is related to writers and artists who need time by themselves to let their creativity grow.  Give yourself the space to let your imagination grow so that you can manifest everything you can imagine.  You are gifted in the arts, and are a wise counselor.  Unfortunately people often want too much from you, so make space for yourself.  Learn to fill your own cup so that it might overflow into the world.  Learn to set boundaries to your space and time and do something creative for you.  That is how you feed your soul.  Do not let yourself get overstressed or you will be flirting with burnout.

31.        Hermit (Pale Green / Deep Green)

This bottle relates to the hermit in the Tarot.  It is about badly needing your own space and boundaries.  You have learned the lesson and now you need time to integrate.  It is also about being able to function at the deepest levels from the heart.  It could be a love that was so deep it would always be unexpressed.  It certainly indicates a level of caring that could manifest itself as a Mother Theresa lifetime.  Not in the sense of martyrdom but in the sense of being out in the world and able to make a difference.   Green relates to the earth as well as to the human heart chakra.  As we heal our heart we heal the earth.  You have a deep connection to the earth and the devic realms.  Everything you touch will grow.  Learn to be at peace in your own space.  No one has more than you.  Let go of wanting to be in someone else’s space.

32.        Communication (Royal Blue / Olive Green)

Blue is the colour of the throat and is all about the ability to communicate and sway everyone who hears you.  Your viewpoint is very valid at the moment and whatever it is you feel you need to say has to be heard.  Your time of being seen and not heard is over and you can now speak your truth.  You also seem to carry a blue cloak of protection at the moment and this is a time to manifest your plans.  The olive green in the depths allows you to base your decisions on the feminine wisdom that you carry within.  Everything you touch is turning out positively at this time.


33.        Love & Magic (Pale Pink / Rose Pink)

Venus watches over this bottle and comes in bringing gifts of love, magic, money and creativity.  33 is a master number that carries the vibration of harmony, romance and success.  This is a divinely blessed time for anyone who relates to these colours.  Pink is the colour of unconditional love and self acceptance.  Your ability to love yourself is your greatest gift or lesson.  Everything we experience is only a reflection of what we believe we deserve.  Change your mind about yourself and your whole reality will change.  Love yourself and your whole universe will conspire to prove to you how right you are.  In the pink you will find the road to tranquility and harmony in body, mind and soul.


34.        Southern Right Whale (Pale Turquoise / Blue)

This bottle came at the end of the most grueling journey and as such has the quality of the ending of a difficult time.  When someone chooses this it will signify that the difficulties are coming to an end and a steep hill has been climbed.  It is also a fresh start and the birth of something so precious that you might have found it difficult to imagine.  There is even something of a surprise in store.  The colours are about a shift in consciousness where you are asked to trust finally and with complete faith that you are on purpose, in line with the greater will and perfectly on track.  It is time to take stock of the past and only take with you that which will serve you in the future.  There is no time for blaming or resenting.  This is the new and soon, as you open to gratitude, you will tap into the information that this bottle holds, which is the wisdom of everything that exists.  This bottle will serve to open the high heart centre where we are all connected to the information of everything that is.  It has the energy of the psychic children who already have this centre open but it will help us to catch up with what these new beings are coming in with.  The turquoise is faith and blue is peace and in there you can find all the answers to follow your true calling with ease and grace.  At the time this bottle was created Melissie saw a baby whale being born so close to her that she could touch it.  Built into this bottle is the connecting to the records that the whales have kept since time began.

35.         Inner Guide (Pale Blue / Pale Green)

This bottle was born in Korea during a big workshop where everyone chose bottle 32 at some point in their readings.  Bottle 32 is royal blue over dark olive and has a strong connection to persecution issues.  In Korea we saw that the only real struggle humans experience has on some level to do with sibling rivalry and any persecution, war or struggle is between groups that somehow belong to the same family.  As we are all God's children we are all siblings and so the struggle continues. This bottle is the enlightenment of 32 and brings the pale blue into the conscious mind which is an ‘enlightened peace’ and into the subconscious mind comes the pale green which relates to an ‘enlightened space’.  It brings peace into what we perceive as "our" space and ultimately creates peace on all levels.  It also brings peace to what we communicate and if we can only ‘speak peace’ we must then also only create peace in our space or our world.  If there is no more sibling rivalry and we are peaceful in our space we have the potential for world peace.  This bottle is called The Inner Guide as peace has always been the inner guidance of each human.  If we stay still long enough we will hear the inner guidance that will lead us to peace on all levels.


36.         The Gateway (Blue-Lilac / Blue-Lilac)

Three plus six is nine and nine is the Ray of Greater Cycles.  With nine you are being offered the embrace of longed-for completion.  Embody the mastery and wisdom you came to express.  This Ray asks you to be rather than to try to be.  You are asked to be the one who shines the light for others.  In the grand cycle of time, nine is the number of completion and expansion.  In this cycle time and space fold, past and future merge and lifetimes meld in completion.  This bottle offers a gateway.  Will you step through?  Open to the opportunity.  Examine what asks for completion in your life.  Within completion there is a natural flow towards the new.  You have spiritual gifts that you can now open to receive.  This is the number of initiation - a rite of passage.  Enter into the waiting gateway and all that was old and small in your existence will fall away.  It is time to claim your ability to be at one with humanity and the universe.  Only love and compassion with yourself and others are an appropriate response to whatever stresses you.  This is your time to bring together not to separate.  Be open and fluid and remember you are the implement, the gateway of light. These colours are the enlightened level of the new throat chakra colours.  They indicate our readiness to manifest our reality through the spoken word.   This bottle opens us to other dimensions and connects us to the beings that support us at this time.  It heals our difficulties with authority and the masculine side and allows us to step into the connection with Divine Will.  This bottle will reconnect you to your home and release you from the grief of separation.