Coral Gaias

The Coral Gaias form the fourth level of Gaia bottles.  We began with copper which mirrored the brown earth we found ourselves on and felt forced to have a relationship with. As our relationship with the earth developed we came to the last Copper Gaia bottle which reflected the truth that the light was within and the Elohim was part of Gaia and it was all part of the Divine.  We could then receive the promise of the Golden Gaias and the vision of a new earth. The Platinum Gaias came next and showed us the bigger cosmic picture, and now finally we have the Coral Gaias and their message is to being all that golden and cosmic promise home and live it in our bodies.

And here lies the rub. Are we able to live God in a body fully?  Can we be Christed humans on all levels and if not, what is stopping us from being all of that?  These Coral bottles hold the answers to all those questions and with the answers we surely will activate our ability to fly again, because as Divine Humans that is our birthright.


 G23.  Acceptance (Clear/Pale Coral)

The first of the Coral Gaia bottles is clear over coral, mirroring the very first Gaia bottle which was clear over copper. We were looking for clarity in our journey on the planet and beginning to understand that although we were part of the Divine, we were also part of the planet, but we could still look at the planet and the Divine and pretend that all of that was somehow outside of us.  Now we are looking at coral which is a colour that takes us into ourselves in the deepest, most intimate way and we are asked to claim every single thing “out there” as an aspect of ourselves; not just in our expanded soul-selves but right into the cells of our physical bodies.  The body is where the new spirituality has to be experienced.

This bottle is called ACCEPTANCE.  That is the big ask.  Can we accept that we, in these strange physical vehicles, are God, Earth and All That Is?  That these physical forms are in a very real way God, Spirit, Divine and Universal?  Here, we are being asked not to think it but to be it, and to accept fully that we are all that is.  With acceptance comes the potential for a fully enlightened state of being in a physical body which is truly the only place we can experience such an event.  This bottle reminds us of the state of innocence we all hold within us.

This bottle is supported by the Air Element.  The more consciously we breathe, the more we connect with our higher soul self.  It is in the air around us and the more we breathe it in the more we expand into the Allness that we are.




G24.  Reconnection (Pale Coral/Copper)

This bottle of coral over copper asks us to look at what it is to be physical on a physical planet and to feel that as one thing. If we can be fully in our physical bodies then we can also feel ourselves as part of Gaia and this reconnection helps us back into our bodies.  We no longer need to go ‘out there’ to find God.  We now look at our faces in the mirror and see our own divinity.  We are Christed Humans on a fifth dimensional planet.  She has always been that but has held herself in the third dimension waiting for us to catch up – because she loves us.  Can you feel the reconnection when you own up to the fact that your Earth Mother has always loved and supported you?  This can be a difficult bottle as whatever blocks us from accepting that we are Earth and God and therefore perfect will come up to be looked at and released.  Every small part of us that we still think is not perfect will have to be looked at again and every part of God we still believe is guilty of having created a reality that has been painful will have to be re-examined and cleared so that we can be perfect God/humans on a perfect Earth.

The Earth Element helps us to lock that truth into our bodies in a way we have not been able to experience before.

G25.  Integration (Pale Coral/Pale Coral)

This is where we take the coral into both the conscious and subconscious parts of ourselves.  Here we integrate the two levels of the Christ energy into all the aspects of ourselves.  We have been able to intellectually grasp that there is more to us than just the physical but now we fully realise that we are so much more.  We are Divine Humans on Earth and all of that is one thing: Divine and Human and Earth, and we are all of that in a physical body.  This bottle is here to help us integrate it all. Unconditional love and unconditional joy leads to being a Christed human.

The Elemental essence that supports this bottle is the Fire Element. The fire will remove everything that stops us from acknowledging and integrating all the aspects of ourselves.

The Earth Element helps us to lock that truth into our bodies in a way we have not been able to experience before.
 G26.  Alignment (Pale Coral/ Diamond Clear)

The clear fraction in the bottom of this bottle relates to the Water element and all that we keep in the emotional body.  Here we have the complete transparency of everything that we have held in the depths of ourselves.  Now we can access it easily with the support of the Water Element.  As it clears all our fears of being “just” human and not God, we can find alignment with our true selves and our inner light will be reflected by our Divine light. The key here is to remember that we have always had this light within.  This bottle is a perfect mirror of our truth.  We are Divine light within a human body and here we realise that what we have seen as human and therefore not Divine is now reflected in the coral as Christed human.  We just had to re-member it into perfect alignment.

This bottle helps us bring all our aspects into one cohesive whole.  It vertically aligns us, bringing heaven and earth into our bodies so that we no longer see them as something separate from us.  It brings left and right, female and male together, and it aligns us horizontally as we connect future and past so that we understand that where we are is the present, and that the past and future are just aspects of the continual now moment. Alignment can happen now on all the axes, turning everything into a sphere of wholeness.  Feel the joy.


G27.  Unity (Diamond Clear/Diamond Clear)

With the diamond clarity and sparkle of this bottle we get to see ourselves in a mirror that reflects all of who we are - all of our colours, all of our beauty and the vastness of our cosmic connection and Oneness with All That Is.  This is the light of Ascension made physical; this is the light body.  In a system called Colour Mirrors this bottle is the clearest truest mirror of who we really are and what we are about.  We are Divine light condensed into physical form having a human experience.  All that we have ever been or ever will be is Divine Perfection.  In remembering that, we can finally live our truth that we have never been separate from one another or from Source.  Finally we can live in the oneness our spirits have always known.  This is the light of Melchizedek, who has been the over-lighting energy of the system since the beginning.

Diamond Unicorn, with its perfect crystalline purity, grace and boundless love, is the perfect partner to this bottle, representing the Ether or spirit element which supports it.




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