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 About our Chakras

Our Chakra System is made up of 7 major chakras or energy centres that are arranged along the Kundalini Channel, which runs from the top of the head to the very end of the spine (tail bone).  Each Chakra is a spinning vortex of energy that activates and energises the surrounding area and has specific functions and characteristics. They are focal points for our life energy that provide a gateway to access our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energies.  Any chakra which is either spinning too quickly, too slowly or not at all, one may experience dis-ease either energetically or physically. 

You or may not have heard of the on-going plantery changes that Mother Earth is undergoing.  Due to these changes they affect of us on all levels of our existance - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. We are entering into a New Era.

The current 3D Physical Chakra System as described above relates to your first 7 chakras and is based on developing a connection with earth and your physical body. The 4D Chakra System relates to 8 higher spiritual chakras and are based on developing a deeper connection to your Higher Self, the Universe, the Divine Will of God, Ascended Masters and other Galactic Beings of Light.

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 As a result of vibrational shifts, our bodies, minds and spirits are morphing at a phenomenal rate. The 3rd Dimensional 7 Chakra System that you are now familiar with is being transformed to make room for your New 4th Dimensional 15 Chakra System and as these new chakras integrate, they make room for the 5th Dimensional chakras, also known as your Ascension Chakras. This transformation has already begun to occur in countless lightworkers.  These new chakras can and will activate and open on their own as you continue to clear karma and raise your vibrations to take more light into your being. 

With the Colour Mirrors system you can start to work with the new 4D chakra colours and raise your vibration - see below picture.  It is necessary to vacillate back and forth between the original 3D colours and the 4D colours to heal us from our old way of being so that we can fully step into the new way of living.        

 Colour Mirrors 3D Chakras (Bottles C1 - C8) and new 4D Chakra (Bottles C9 - C15) 

 C1.       Base Chakra (Coral / Red)

This bottle supports and helps unblock base chakra issues and balances our energies so that anger and frustration are calmed and issues to do with unrequited love and difficulty in relationships can be resolved.  It works with survival issues and shifts feelings of being a victim and patterns of martyrdom.  Red is often helpful to energise us when feeling tired.


The Base Chakra is also known as the Root Chakra and relates to grounding, focus and feeling safe in your body.  Located at the base of the spine the Root or Base chakra, together with the earthstar chakra and the feet chakras form our foundations. The issues related to this chakra are concerned with physical survival, grounding and connection with the Earth and our body. When this chakra functions well, physical energy, good health, abundance and security are created.

 C2.       Sacral Chakra (Gold / Orange)

Beneficial for shock and trauma, loss of power and anywhere we are feeling abused.  It can also help us to release issues we hold around sexuality.  This bottle can help to clear away fear, confusion and emotional bewilderment and can be very calming after a shock.


The Sacral Chakra is also sometimes known as the Sexual Chakra and relates to greater harmony around sexuality, emotional balance & creativity.  Located in the area of the lower abdomen, the issues of this chakra relate to our emotional identity and sexuality. Balancing this chakra allows us to experience life as a fluid flow in which we connect with others through our feelings and experience healthy and fulfilling sexual relationships.


C3.       Solar Plexus (Olive Green / Yellow)

This bottle is beneficial if experiencing fear or confusion.  Assists us in retrieving our personal power and may be supportive when we are feeling low.


The Solar Plexus Chakra relates to your personal boundaries, self worth and issues around anger, neediness or conditional love.  Located in the area of the stomach the issues of this chakra relate to self-definition, personal power and positive emotional expression. Balancing this chakra brings the ability to create healthy boundaries, balanced personal power, will power and positive self-value.


C4.       Heart Chakra (Turquoise / Green)

This bottle helps when suffering from heartache and relationship difficulties.  Useful when you need to express your feelings and get in touch with your heart.

The Heart Chakra is the central balance point and relates to true unconditional love, acceptance, connection and trust in the universe.  Located in the region of the physical heart, the issues of this chakra relate to the need to integrate opposite polarities within the structure of our personality so that we can re-establish the consciousness of unity and unconditional love. Balancing this chakra brings the ability to love without conditions, to feel compassion, peace and brotherhood.


C5.       Throat Chakra (Royal Blue / Blue)

This bottle relates to communication and trust.  It is helpful for sleeping issues and stress, and supportive if you are experiencing nightmares.  Beneficial for speaking up and being heard and useful when you are battling to say what you need to say.   Acknowledge your psychic abilities and let the messages come through.


The Throat Chakra relates to expression; of your ideas, needs, creativity and importantly also your emotions.  Located in the area of the throat and thyroid gland the issues of this chakra relate to communication of all kinds and the expression of our creativity. When this chakra is balanced the Soul is able to communicate higher wisdom, inspiration and guidance to the personality. Inner hearing is linked to this chakra.


C6.       Third Eye Chakra (Violet / Royal Blue)

This bottle is supportive in overcoming grief or the loss of someone close and is useful for relieving panic attacks.  It helps you to open to higher mental powers and can assist you in reconnecting when you are having difficulty trusting your intuition.  It opens the psychic gate and will assist you in connecting with the angelic realms.  


The Brow Chakra relates to greater trust in your intuition and inner knowing, together with a greater connection to the universe.  Located in the centre of the forehead and the pituitary gland, the Brow Chakra or Third Eye is related to the ability to see both physically and psychically. It is the seat of our intuition and inner wisdom and when balanced allows us access to ‘the bigger picture’ of our lives. Inner vision is therefore connected to this chakra.



C7.       Crown Chakra (Magenta / Violet)

This bottle supports you in owning your power as a healer and activating your healing ability.  It awakens in you the ability to accept Divine love and then channel that Divine love as healing.  This bottle relates to a position of power in the Catholic Church in a past life.


The Crown Chakra relates to consciously connecting with your multi-dimensional self and the universe.  Located on the top of the head and connected with the pineal gland, this chakra when balanced, carries the consciousness of pure awareness connecting us with Source. It opens us to the greater world beyond material existence and connects us with the timeless space of all knowing. The symbol of the lotus flower has always been related to this chakra and to the state of enlightenment that we can achieve through reaching this level of consciousness.


C8.       Higher Crown Chakra (Pink / Magenta)

This bottle deepens and strengthens your connection with your soul.  It is helpful when experiencing existential grief and is also a powerful support for your inner child.  It is beneficial for creating a loving space for a new soul and is about giving birth to something new, not necessarily a baby.


The Higher Chakras are one of the important minor chakras in the human energy system and relates to a greater connection with all levels and dimensions of the universe beyond the 3rd dimension.  Located on the top of the head and connected with the pineal gland, this chakra when balanced, carries the consciousness of pure awareness connecting us with Source. It opens us to the greater world beyond material existence and connects us with the timeless space of all knowing. The symbol of the lotus flower has always been related to this chakra and to the state of enlightenment that we can achieve through reaching this level of consciousness.


C9.       Base Chakra - The Lightbody (Clear / Clear)

This bottle will support you in clearing survival issues.  It also indicates a need to make a decision in your life.  It asks you, as an infinite being, to take complete responsibility for the creation of your reality.  The more you do so, the more choice you will experience and the more you will discover that life can be based on joy.  If you have experienced struggle and suffering on this planet, allow it to bring you the clarity that this gave you the understanding and compassion not to judge your own or anyone else’s journey.  When we are free of judgement we are open to joy and it is joy that leads us to Ascension.  This bottle lets your body understand that it is congealed light and that death and aging are just another set of beliefs that can be changed.  Step into the light.


Positioned at the base of the spine. On a galactic level this chakra takes us out of this earths atmosphere and from there we get the chance to 're-connect' with our wonderful planet again, and through this we become the earth's protectors, guardians so to speak. It lets us realize the fact we truly are beings given actual responsibility.  The body is letting go of the fear and the clearing of survival issues, increased spiritual responsibility.  Know that you are responsible for what you think. You now start moving in light body.


C10.     Sacral Chakra - Suchness (Orange / Rose Pink)

The rose pink brings love into the issues of abuse to which the orange relates.  It puts you in a state of alignment with your soul.  Your soul never thought you were abused - it knew that you were in a process of learning and healing.  This bottle supports creative ideas and opens you to bliss and enlightenment.  Here is where you can finally be at peace with the suchness of life.


Positioned around the navel area. It emits a bright pinkish-orange coloured radiance and has the function to keep our male and female energies in harmony. Once these energies are harmonized this chakra opens fully, and this keeps us in tune with our soul.  The activating of the 10th chakra enables us to reach out to our Solar system. So we can send out light and love and take an active part in the healing-process of this planet.  Creative ideas.  Nurture and heal yourself.  Potential for immediate manifestation.



C11.     Solar Plexus Chakra - Wisdom (Pale Gold / Pale Gold)


This bottle helps us step into our authentic power and wisdom and guides us toward a place beyond ego.  It assists us in the activation of our “I AMness” and supports us in the integration of ourselves as Divine humans.


Positioned in the stomach area and is pure, bright golden in colour. Gold is the colour of wisdom, it means trust and power. When the golden chakra of the fourth dimension opens, we will experience intense feelings of relaxation, wisdom and calmness, no matter in which situation your surroundings are at said moment.  The 11th chakra is a galactic chakra, if this chakra descends and opens you could also feel the need to share, to meditate in a group, to connect together with the universe.  Activation of your “I AM” ness.  Integration of the Divine Human.


C12.     Heart Chakra - Love (Lilac / Pink)

This is the spiritualisation of the heart and relates to Oneness and unconditional love.  Now we can begin to be at one with all of humanity.  This bottle may indicate the loss of a mother or deep transformation of mother issues.


Is positioned in your heart-center, and its colour is a soft etheric pink. It is the christened heart-energy and it opens if we 'enlighten'. Here is where the Christ-conciousness is throned, so you will understand as soon as we activate the 12th chakra, we will exist in Unconditional love and being able to instantly open the heart-chakras of those close to us. This chakra will connect us to the rest of the Universe. Spiritualisation of the heart and opening of hand chakras also giving and receiving unconditional love.


C13.     Throat Chakra – I Speak My Spirit (Blue Violet / Blue Violet)


This bottle is about the communication of our spirit and asks us to be aware of everything we say as we begin to manifest what we speak.  As we open to our spirit we allow its light to communicate through us.  This bottle connects us with our psychic and spiritual powers and helps us to open communication with Archangels and higher beings.  


Will descend into the position of the 5th chakra. The 13th chakra is deep blue-indigo coloured. When this chakra is working in harmony more psychic and spiritual energies will be available for us. We open channels of healing and will be able to help others on a physical and mental plane. This chakra will let us help us strengthen our abilities of mediumship.  Once activated, it will enable us to communicate with higher-dimensional beings like the Ashtar Command, the Ascended Masters and/or Archangels.  This chakra is connected with an immense awareness of our own power and ability.  Communication of spirit, therefore able to manifest what you say.  Use of higher power.


C14.     Third Eye Chakra - Vision (Pale Gold/Clear)


Here we open to the power of Divine thought rather than human thought.  This is the mind's surrender to the Divine plan.  This bottle brings light into the energy centre of the third eye, clearing away fear and bringing clarity and truth into what we see.  It brings back the joy of seeing ahead into the Golden Age.  Opens us to communication with masters and higher guides.

Is positioned at the Third Eye. It is transparent golden/white. This chakra when it descends, makes our mind directly focused on the Divine Plan. Our thoughts will be of a purer, higher vibration. We will be really in ONENESS with the Creator, or God so you wish. We now can change karma and will be able to connect with the higher art of clairvoyance and clairaudience and the ability to connect more intensely with the Ascended Masters and Ashtar Command.  Bringing back the joy of seeing ahead into the golden age.




C15.     Crown Chakra – Crystal Being (Clear / Lilac)


At this level of spiritual connection we are able to take instruction directly from our true Divine self (I AM).  Here we have the clarity to be of service.  This bottle supports a clear connection to spirit and helps in activating the crystal grid.  It relates to the crystal children and crystal beings who have come to support the process of conscious evolution on earth.


Is white and violet in colour positioned over the crown of the head. When this chakra descends into our Crown-center, then are we fully merged with our souls or our Higher Self. It is then we get guidance and instruction from our Light Being.   Able to take instructions directly from your Monad, which is your true divine self (I AM).  Activating the crystal grid, clear connection to spirit, clarity to be of service.  Bringing divine aspect of yourself into the physical life.



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