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Colour Mirrors Oracle Cards By Moira Bush


Why are you attracted to certain colours?

What do the colours you decorate with or wear say about you?

This beautifully presented deck uses colour to help you discover where your blocks and issues are and how to shift them.  It offers clear, simple, direct guidance and inspiration to assist you no matter where you are on your path.

Each card depicts a Colour Mirrors oil or essence bottle amongst beautiful artwork and imagery and offers a powerful and enlightening message in the accompanying mini-booklet.

Colour has the unique ability to tap directly into our subconscious and shine a light upon our issues or highlight our gifts and the oracle cards give a wonderful introduction to colour as a healing or therapy tool.  Practitioners of any form of energy work, healing or therapy will find the cards a complement to their existing practice and of course, they work beautifully with the Colour Mirrors bottles themselves.

    Use Colour Oracle Cards to:
  • Identify which colours you can use for healing and attracting more abundance and romance
  • Find out what each of the 18 colours mean
  • Learn about spiritual colour psychology
  • FREE on-line meditation for each card
  • FREE videos offering self-help therapy exercises
  • FREE guidelines on how to offer readings

The Language of Light By Korani

This book is a transmission of Divine energy that carries you on the frequency of love.

It guides and assists you in remembering the Language of Light, the long-forgotton language of your soul and will reconnect you with its message - that you are Divine, whole and perfect. 

The Language of Light will take you on a journey of self-realisation as it connects you with:

7 Golden Keys:

I Am
Ascension Light
and Satori

In the Colour Mirrors system they are Golden Gaia bottles G9 to G15 and if you wish to add these Golden bottles to your process of transformation with the book, see below for the Ascension Pack offers.

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How to conduct a Card Reading

There are several ways that you can conduct a colour card reading.  Below are some examples that will help you get started. However, colour is one of the most intuitive connections you can make for guidance and insights, so always trust your own methods and feelings when working with the deck.

Ask a Question: Shuffle the deck and bring to your mind a question or a person that you would like guidance on.  Fan out the card and select the one you feel drawn to.  You can do this with the deck face up or face down.  Study the card and feel how the words impact on your question. For further insights go to the website and listen to the free meditation.  

Past/Present/Future:  Shuffle the deck and draw 3 cards, the first card will represent insights into how the issue you are enquiring about impacted on your past and how it blocked you. This card also says that this is what you have learned and can now help others with. The second card shows how your situation is currently being experienced and the effect it is having on your reality.  This is also the card that will guide you to the colour or bottle that could help you shift the issue and move on.  The third card is the outcome once you let go of the block, what will it feel or look like to be free of the issue.  Remember there are spiritual principles behind these cards, often the message of what needs to be cleared will be judgements, guilt, and an inability to love yourself or claim your personal power.  Colour is a spiritual tool of empowerment.