How to use the Colour Mirrors Therapy Bottles

Meditation and Contemplation
Take a few deep breathes.  Hold the bottle in your hand and go into a relaxed meditative state and feel for thoughts or images that come into your mind. Write down what comes up. You can also put the bottle under your pillow at night or on the night stand. Notice what dreams you have or how you feel in the morning.

As a Body Oil
If you are using the round Essential Oil bottles rub some of the oil on your body where you feel drawn to and dab a bit on the back of your heels, do this for as many weeks or months as you feel you need to until the bottle is empty. 

Bath Experience

You can pour the energised coloured oils and essences into your bath water, we recommend you use a bottle over a period of 3 weeks. However, as you hold your bottle, you might find it guides you to use a third of it in one go or to use over 1 week. There are no set rules here, colour is intuitive to use and differs for every person. Feel what will work best for you.  Write down your experiences and what comes up for you in your life.

Space / Aura Clearing - Spritzer Essences
Spray the essence on your hands and rub together to release the aromas. Breathe in the aromas. You can also spray a room or around your body, feel where your bottle’s energy will work best for you. You can also pour a few drops or spritz some of these essences into the bath or add to amplify an oil bath experience. 

Note: While using your bottles you might notice that they begin to bubble, leak, colours change or fade. Colour Mirrors bottles are not a conventional therapy product. They are an energised system that uses oil and water to hold the information we need in order to develop spiritually. They work in various ways to give us the information that our soul has been trying to tell us for the longest time. We are drawn to connect with colour when we are finally ready to listen and make powerful changes.  We use the power and energy of the Colour Mirrors system to reconnect us to the language of our soul and all that is asked is that we really listen and observe the signs on offer. If you have purchased a bottle that is doing unusual things and you are not sure what the message is, please contact me for further guidance. 
All Colour Oils, Essences and Sprays are available to purchase at £30.00 per bottle plus post&packing via PayPal.  

 Dual Coloured Oils


Dual Coloured Oils
The round bottled essential oils can be used in your bath over a period of time (an approximate guide is 3 weeks). You can benefit from just holding the bottle, meditating with it, placing it on parts of your body where you feel it is needed or using it as a body oil.
 Chakra Bottles 


Chakra Bottles

For use in healing the 7 energy centres and raising your vibration.

 Gaia Bottles 

The Feet Chakras are one of the important minor chakras in the human energy system and relate to creating a stronger connection to Mother Earth. This is where Mother Earth speaks to us – we become a clear channel to the earth.   Having come from a place of being bitterly unhappy on the planet, we now feel deeply connected to Mother Earth and life on the planet.

Also assists with clearing of Geopathic stress.

 Golden Gaias

Golden Gaia Bottles

The Golden Gaia set is a journey to accelerate your ascension journey.  As you connect to the 7 Gold bottles each are supported by angelic essences. The bottles and working with the Language of Light programme can help to bring to your conscious mind cellular recordings that you wish to transform. They could be poverty, lack, fear, judgments, loss of power – anything that keeps you from living a life based on joy and love.  

Platinum Ray

Platinum is the next vibration colour up from Gold. Each one is the complementary to one of the Golden bottles.  For example, G9 Faith is turquoise and gold, its complementary G16 Serenity is coral and platinum.  The Gold and Platinum bottles not only complement each other in colour but also in vibration and the information they bring, each supporting and enhancing the other. 


Coral Gaias

The Coral Gaias form the fourth level of Gaia bottles.  We began with copper which mirrored the brown earth we found ourselves on and felt forced to have a relationship with. As our relationship with the earth developed we came to the last Copper Gaia bottle which reflected the truth that the light was within and the Elohim was part of Gaia and it was all part of the Divine.  We could then receive the promise of the Golden Gaias and the vision of a new earth. The Platinum Gaias came next and showed us the bigger cosmic picture, and now finally we have the Coral Gaias and their message is to being all that golden and cosmic promise home and live it in our bodies.

Silver Gaias

Silver Gaia Bottles - NEW!!!

Silver cuts through resistance and falsehood swiftly and cleanly.  It is an amplifier and will reflect and mirror our truth to us in an instant if we let it.  It will also light up the shadow aspects of our being if that is what we require in order to move forward.  Silver highlights for us those ego aspects that still wish to keep us in duality, in right versus wrong or good versus bad.  

Angel Essences

Angel Essences
The Essences can be sprayed around your body, on pulse points or used for space clearing. You can also spray some into a bath, use in meditation or spray into your hands and breathe in the beautiful healing aromas.
 Elemental Essences

To bring in the vibration of the elemental energy forces 


  Sparkling Dragon Essences

Sparkling Dragon Essences
To activate aspects of yourself that you may have forgotten about.  The dragons kept the earth's mysteries alive while humanity fully embraced third dimensional reality.  Now that we are shifting out consciousness, the dragons are back to remind us of the higher dimensional truth of ourselves and the earth.
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