Group Activities

The following courses are available to parents, community centres, projects, disability groups, adult support groups, health centres, organisations and businesses.  Our experienced and qualified trainers will come to your venue to provide the following:-
InspireMe Programme - has been developed for adults who lack confidence and have low self-esteem - we focus mainly on emotional intelligence - a person's ability to understand their own emotions and those of others, and to act appropriately using these emotions.  This programme is positive, energising and inspirational for all who attend.  It is a journey into self discovery.  It helps to assess your current level of confidence, identify areas for improvement, motivates you, and you get to plan your own confidence-building programme.  You will learn how to project a more confident image as well as build deep-down lasting confidence to ensure that you fulfil your potential.


ConfidentMe Programme - is a practical programme to guide you to take charge of your life and make positive changes.  You will learn to identify areas for improvement, motivate yourself and plan your own confidence building programme.  The benefits you will find it easier to learn new skills, adapt to change, to make friends, and enjoy happy relationships.


PamperMe Programme - is delivered over 6 weeks (can be extended) to adults who would like to experience a range of beauty and holistic treatments to help relieve stress, anxiety and improve self-esteem. Ideal for organisations that are providing support services i.e. adults, carers and family members.


To discuss your requirements please call  07931 164271 or email