Having the opportunity to support the Community is something that I enjoy.  
As a Facilitator, on offer are some wonderful inspiring talks/ workshops/ programmes in:-
* Improving Your Wellbeing
* Building Your Confidence
* The Four Levels of Healing
* Weekly Pamper Sessions
These can be delivered within your Community Centre, Childrens Centre, School, Local Club etc.  It is primarily aimed at adults who are suffering or experiencing:
* lack confidence
* have low self esteem
* have difficulty valuing self
* have difficulty expressing their thoughts and feelings
* experiencing depression
* feeling anxiety, stress and tension
* difficulty communicating with family and friends
The sessions focus on your potential - this is a journey where we look at your emotions, feelings, thoughts, and being able to manage change - all of these play a part in becoming a more confident, balanced, and feeling happy in our lives. 
We look at ways of managing stress, listening to our bodies as well as incorporating holistic practices for improving your wellbeing.
To make an enquiry click here or contact me on 07931 164271.