Platinum Ray Bottles


Platinum is the next vibration colour up from Gold. Each one is the complementary to one of the Golden bottles.  For example, G9 Faith is turquoise and gold, its complementary G16 Serenity is coral and platinum.  The Gold and Platinum bottles not only complement each other in colour but also in vibration and the information they bring, each supporting and enhancing the other. 




G16  Serenity (Pale Coral/Platinum)

In these colours we find a perfect balance between enlightened masculine and Divine feminine. Serenity comes from that balance of the two sides of ourselves but it also comes from the balance between our platinum angelic self and our coral human self. Even our magical inner starchild can play in these colours.  Here we can surrender into the knowledge that finally we are whole and with that comes unconditional self-acceptance and sublime serenity.


G17 Elohim (Platinum/Pale Gold)

Elohim is truth beyond any doubt that all is perfect.  It is trust enlightened into the knowing that when judgement no longer exists, nothing negative needs to exist as no one needs to learn anything.  If we can be impeccable we can claim the perfection of everything and step fully into our connection with the Elohim and everything else.  The gold we are within is an absolute fact.  We are that.  We’ve got it in the depth of ourselves and we can now communicate it absolutely and consciously speak the Divine language.  This is the place of Divine authority within our own reality creation.



G18 Limitless (Pale Turquoise/Platinum)

The generosity we saw in G11 turns into flow in its partner, G18, and in that flow we are so connected to the Divine plan that all we can be is generous because all limitation has been removed.  We are so completely in the flow that what we need will always be there and we will always be able to share that with others.  If we can tap into the generosity of the planet we know she holds the space for everything except negativity and fear.  Generosity activates abundance and abundance is limitless faith.  Now we can trust the process.  These are the colours of the Aquarian age.  We can now manifest our reality with ease and grace and elegance.  This is the global expression of generosity, beyond separation.  We are all limitless, all one. 



G19 Om (Platinum/Platinum)

Om is complete oneness with all that exists.  This bottle takes us to the next level and we can try and make it grand and big but it really is simply evolution.  There is not really a choice anymore.  We have signed up for the ride and now we have to take it all the way.  I AM is the name of God and when we claim that we become the voice of God and then we speak it into being.  This is the clearing of fear-based human DNA and the activation of love-based divine DNA.  This will bring in our angelic DNA and our inter-galactic DNA which are all just aspects of the One.


G20 Abode of Bliss (Platinum/Pale Green)

When we live in grace we find ourselves in the Abode of Bliss and when we live in bliss we are automatically in grace.   This delicate green away the old energies of persecution and sibling rivalry, leaving us with an awakening that is completely the newest spring rebirth we can possibly imagine.  This is the enlightened heart of humanity and of the planet; each heart connected to each other heart.  If we claim our multi-dimensionality and we keep our feet on the earth, we change the earth.  We also access all her multi-dimensional qualities and we activate her Divine DNA and her crystalline structure.  We can all now take part in this journey.  This is the time:  the awakening of the new earth.


G21 The Beloved (Platinum/Magenta)

The Language of Light becomes the Language of the Divine. Here we speak with one voice as everything rests on Divine love. The platinum sits on magenta and the language now is the Divine sound of love; held in Divine love, resting on Divine Love.  All we’ve been looking for is already here and has always been here and waiting for us to recognise it.  The Earth is just another expression of Divine Love.  We already knew that magenta released guilt.  Now we cannot remember what the concept of guilt could possibly mean.

G22 Sacred Mystery (Platinum/Olive)

We revisit the number 22, a master number, and now as the Divine female awakens we do not have a number that expresses mastery but rather the ultimate expression of Mystery - beyond mastery into the expression of the female face of the Divine.  This is the female face of mastery, giving birth to a new planet.  Pale olive married to pale blue; female power married to Divine male in its most enlightened form.  God, Goddess, All That Is.



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