Platinum Rays

The Platinum Ray range is the next vibration up from the gold.   Early in 2010 Melissie made seven new Platinum bottles, each one being complementary to the Golden bottles - not just complementary in colour, but also in their vibration.  So, the Gold and the Platinum bottles support and enhance each other.

Here is what Melissie says about the Platinum Ray:

“The purity of the platinum draws up what is heavy and shifts it without fuss.  Platinum reflects its beauty through whatever we put with it - that's its main job.  It is the Zero state. When we are in it we can only see perfection.  If we are "there" nothing we see is not part of that and so all becomes beauty/perfection/love because that is all that exists.  The platinums are 'enablers'.  They make what was not so easy before somehow possible.  And they do it swiftly and with grace and assist us in releasing resistance.”
G16     Serenity (pale coral/platinum) Surrender. Perfect balance of male and female.
G17     Elohim (platinum/pale gold) All is perfect. Speaking the Divine language.
G18     Limitless (pale turquoise/platinum) Activates abundance. Global expression of generosity.
G19     Om (platinum/platinum) I am That I am. Activates angelic and cosmic DNA.
G20     Abode of Bliss (platinum/pale green) Claiming multi-dimensionality. Peace on the planet.
G21     The Beloved (platinum/magenta) Speak with one voice. Everything rests on Divine Love.
G22     Sacred Mystery (platinum/olive) Female face of mastery. Birth of the new planet.