Elemental Essences

Element of Water – Deep Turquoise

This essence allows us to connect to the dolphins and whales, those aspects of ourselves that have assisted in keeping the records and holding the energy for earth since the sinking of Atlantis.  Assists in letting our bodies get that it is safe to feel and express emotion and helps us release emotional baggage.  This is the energy that allows us to feel the joy of existence and it releases our ability to play and have fun – the inner child healed expresses itself through creativity and fun.


Element of Earth – Copper

Instantly grounding and connecting to Gaia and all the Earth elements. The heartbeat of the planet in tune with our own.  We are of the earth and all that we create is of the earth too.  Releasing judgment around abusing the planet – all is one.  Manifestation is truly possible when we ground our spirit.  A deep connection with the Earth can be deeply reassuring and nurturing.  She is always there, a true example of unconditional love.  When our bodies feel safe, so our spirits can allow their divine essence into the world.


Element of Air – Pale Blue

This essence reconnects us to our stellar origins.  It carries the energy of the moon and the cycles and tides.  It puts us at peace with the unfolding perfection of what we have created and lifts the energy so that we start to see the bigger picture.  Connects to the energy of the high priestess and the moon Goddesses.  Ancient female wisdom is rediscovered with the use of this essence.  Use when a problem needs a feminine slant or answer. This essence helps with menstrual problems.  It connects us with the breath and opens us to inspiration and trust.


Element of Fire – Deep Orange

Passion for life re-awakened.  This essence is about initiation and will connect you to the mindset you need for a fire walk or anything that you need to do where you seriously need to put mind over matter.  This will connect you to your magical self that is capable of superhuman achievements. This essence reconnects you with your courage and helps you stand up for yourself.   It is about letting all that is not essential to our Ascension journey fall away.


Element of Wood – Green

The element of wood relates to the liver meridian and is very good as a liver detox.  It helps to deal with issues of unexpressed anger and all negative emotions stored as toxins in the liver.  It helps to connect us with our body elemental – the deva or blueprint of our being - and helps with issues of self image and weight loss.  Good for nausea.


Element of Metal – Gold

This essence connects you to your ability to create magic and alchemy.  It helps you to turn dark issues into light.  Bring the magic back and manifest a reality that works for you.  This connects you to your inner power and reminds you that you are connected to the divine and can therefore claim a divine reality.