Angel Essences

Red Angel of Miracles & Prosperity

This essence connects us to the endless possibilities for miracles and prosperity that we hold.  We are limitless and this essence reminds us of that.  It brings a burst of energy and power to help us with the practical aspects of our lives and connects us with our passion and purpose.  It has been found to provide instant relief from backache.


Lilac Angel of Prayer & Forgiveness

This scent brings in the energy of our higher aspects, connecting us to the divine through prayer and healing through forgiveness.  It is our guardian angel, guiding and supporting us in any circumstances and helps us release the past so that we can move on.  It is excellent for use in regression therapy and can be helpful for headaches.


Green Angel of Healing, Trust and Harmony

In using this scent we create a new space, one that opens us to trust and healing, creating harmony in ourselves and our lives.  This angel is fantastic for clearing space and helping us to disconnect from other people's "stuff".  It connects us with nature and the plant kingdom and takes us into a place of panoramic awareness.


Clear Angel of Purity, Grace and Clarity

This angel clears and purifies us and our surroundings, bringing us closer to a state of grace.  It brings light and clarity into any situation and helps us shift stuck energy.



Pink Angel of Love & Partnership

In using this essence, we connect instantly to the part of us that is all love and acknowledges this in others.  This angel brings huge love and support when we feel in need and brings harmony to relationships.


Yellow Angel of Joy & Wisdom

This essence opens us to joy and wisdom, allowing us to let go enough to experience joy and follow our inner wisdom.  This essence is good for focus and concentration.


Blue Angel of Protection & Communication

As we feel this angel’s wings envelop us, we feel safe enough to speak our truth.  This angel allows us to relinquish control and speak freely.  It removes whatever makes us feel separate from Source.  It is helpful for hayfever and sinus headaches.  It can be used topically for insect bites and stings and is helpful for skin outbreaks.


Coral Angel of Manifestation & Magic

Christabelle helps us feel the wonderment of magic in our lives again.  She helps us manifest instantly as we feel it is safe to let go of control and go with the flow.  She assists us to stop abuse and bullying, bringing in deep levels of self- acceptance and self-love.



Archangel Metatron (Deep Magenta)

The Angel of Angels.  Overlighting the Angelic energies held in the Scent by Angels range.  The Essence of Divinity, for bringing the Divine into everyday experience and releasing judgement.  This lightest essence and darkest colour is for bringing truth into the conscious mind - the light and the dark is one sacred circle.  Excellent for bringing Light into dark situations.  Very good for managing time.






Gold Angel of Ascension (Light Gold)

This angel essence is expansive and powerful.   It balances the solar plexus instantly.  It expands and solidifies your energy field and brings it back to its natural state, taking out all interference.  It instantly connects you to your I Am-ness.  Feel your feet on the ground and your light expanding as you breathe in this essence.  It connects you to the new golden earth and it connects you to your Divine self.  Here all is one and you are an integral part of all of it.  As you expand into that, all fear and confusion leaves and you are clear and powerfully present with what is.  When you are this Divine and you claim it, all smallness disappears and everything you see reflects your authentic powerful Divine self.