Healing using Colour

lour Mirrors
is a wonderful healing system, which uses colour analysis to help identify patterns of behaviour that are keeping you from experiencing your "authentic" self. 
Red helps with releasing survival issues; 
Coral shows you how expansive you could be once you let go of the need to stay small and invisible; 
Yellow stops the depression; 
Magenta shows you how to fully ground and live your spirit in a material reality. 

The system uses dual coloured oils and spray essences which powerfully translate your conscious and sub-conscious thoughts and feelings into words you can relate to.  Colour brings these issues and patterns to the surface, and also gives us a gentle and effective way of releasing them. If you let go of the physical and emotional patterns that no longer serve you - who would you be?  Once liberated from our conditioning, we regain our power and can achieve our potential in life.
Colour Mirrors can help you with:-
* accelerating your growth and healing
* unlocking your potential
* discovering your true life path 
* opening to joy
* releasing and clearing blocks
* acknowledging your gifts
* developing self-belief and self-worth
* improving your self esteem
What is the system made up of?
  • 36 Colour-Combination oil bottles to connect you with what you need to know in your life at the current time.
  • 15 Chakra Bottles for use in balancing each of the seven (3rd Dimensional) chakras and assisting with transitioning into the new (4th dimensional) colours.
  • 8 Gaia Bottles which connect you to the energy of the Earth.
  • 7 New Golden Gaia Bottles to take us into the Golden Age or Ascension Process
  • 7 New Platinum Gaia Bottles to support our Ascension journey.
  • 5 New Coral Gaia Bottles to ground and be able to live God in a body fully.
  • 5 New Silver Gaia Bottles will reflect and mirror our truth.   It will also light up the shadow aspects of our being in order to move forward.
  • 11 Angel Spray Essences for instant support in our lifes, bringing the energy of the Angels, our Spiritual/Guidance Angels, Ascended Masters, as well as bringing in a higher vibration.
  • 6 Elemental Essences to bring in the vibration of each elemental energy force, helpful in space clearing.
  • 10 Sparkling Dragon Essences to remind you of who you really are and to activate aspects of yourself that you may have forgotten.  The Dragons remind us of the higher dimensional truth of ourselves and the earth. 
  • 2 Body Freedom Range helps restore you to the true freedom of your own natural power so that your relationship to your body and food may return to balance.
  • 7 Additional Essences to support you in creating freedom in and for your body.
  • Design Your Own Essence/Oil - Special - bottles can be made for your to suit your practice or personal needs.

Each Bottle in the Colour Mirrors system has a special message for you.  Select a bottle you are drawn to for guidance and inspiration.   Take from the wording the message that speaks to your current situation. All bottles retail at £30.00 plus P&P and can be purchased directly from this site - under Products.

How do I use the Colour Mirror Bottles?

Meditation and Contemplation
Take a few deep breathes.  Hold the bottle in your hand and go into a relaxed meditative state and feel for thoughts or images that come into your mind. Write down what comes up. You can also put the bottle under your pillow at night or on the night stand. Notice what dreams you have or how you feel in the morning.

As a Body Oil
If you are using the round Essential Oil bottles rub some of the oil on your body where you feel drawn to and dab a bit on the back of your heels, do this for as many weeks or months as you feel you need to until the bottle is empty. 

Bath Experience

You can pour the energised coloured oils and essences into your bath water, we recommend you use a bottle over a period of 3 weeks. However, as you hold your bottle, you might find it guides you to use a third of it in one go or to use over 1 week. There are no set rules here, colour is intuitive to use and differs for every person. Feel what will work best for you.  Write down your experiences and what comes up for you in your life.  The bottles are effective in helping you release outdated programming and make changes, because they act direction on your energy body, bypassing your conscious mind.  This helps you deal with issues, even if some part of you still resists change. 

Space / Aura Clearing - Spritzer Essences
Spray the essence on your hands and rub together to release the aromas. Breathe in the aromas. You can also spray a room or around your body, feel where your bottle’s energy will work best for you. You can also pour a few drops or spritz some of these essences into the bath or add to amplify an oil bath experience. 

Note: While using your bottles you might notice that they begin to bubble, leak, colours change or fade. Colour Mirrors bottles are not a conventional therapy product. They are an energised system that uses oil and water to hold the information we need in order to develop spiritually. They work in various ways to give us the information that our soul has been trying to tell us for the longest time. We are drawn to connect with colour when we are finally ready to listen and make powerful changes.  We use the power and energy of the Colour Mirrors system to reconnect us to the language of our soul and all that is asked is that we really listen and observe the signs on offer. If you have purchased a bottle that is doing unusual things and you are not sure what the message is, please contact me for further guidance.