Golden Gaia Bottles

  The Golden Gaia set is a journey to accelerate your ascension journey.  As you connect to the 7 Gold bottles each are supported by angelic essences. The bottles and working with the Language of Light programme can help to bring to your conscious mind cellular recordings that you wish to transform. They could be poverty, lack, fear, judgments, loss of power – anything that keeps you from living a life based on joy and love.    

G9 Faith (Turquoise over Pale Gold)

As we move from the darkness of G8 we suddenly get a new vision. At the end of the dark tunnel there is a light and this light is turquoise and gold and indicates our new state. We are now connected to our authentic golden Divine power through our turquoise faith.  It is the faith that moved us through the dark tunnel back into the light. Without the faith we would not have survived the dark night of the soul – in fact we would not have needed to go into it. It was our faith that took us there, knowing that there was another level, closer to the Divine, closer to our Divine selves. The turquoise over gold reconnects us to the flow and the trust that everything is on track and part of the Divine plan. It takes us beyond trust, and into the truth that we are Divine and that every thing we have experienced was Divine and therefore perfect.  This colour combination indicates the teacher of the ancient truths in a new way. We are connecting to the golden age and are able to access the information of the past in a new way. This is the beginning of the opening of the hall of records.



G10 Impeccability (Pale Gold over Blue Lilac)

In the journey towards ascension, this is where we connect with our impeccability.  The blue/lilac says we speak our spirit and if that is what we are doing we have to be ever vigilant of our words. They have to be impeccable – we cannot use our words as weapons or instruments of manipulation. We have to speak with incredible integrity as we now know without a shadow of a doubt that everything we say will be made manifest. This bottle reconnects us to what we believe about the masculine side of the Creator and therefore the masculine side of ourselves as the Creator. It will bring incredible peace and put one into the silence and the stillness where the voice of inspiration within can be accessed.

G11 Generosity (Pale Coral over Pale Gold)
The coral is unconditional self acceptance – I am perfect as I am - and the pale gold is our connection to our authentic Divine selves. This combination very powerfully reconnects us to who we really are, Divine Creations – magnificent humans able to joyously dance our reality into being. If you are perfect and perfectly aligned with your Divine self you can create anything. Therefore this bottle is all about harvest, abundance, love, joy and generosity. If you can finally see yourself as a part of the Divine’s perfection there is nothing you do not deserve and you can therefore access and generously share all of it. The love that you hold for your precious self is so attractive that it can attract anything and anyone you focus on because you are in alignment with God’s truth for you.  This bottle holds the “missing secret”. This is the key to manifesting joyously.




G12  I Am (Pale Gold over Pale Gold)
This is the I Am. When you choose this bottle you are ready to release all the beliefs that still say “I am not”. When you choose this you are fully prepared to align with your Divine self and claim yourself as part of the Divine. The Creator and I are one. The Divine is within and I am that. Our addictions are the things that keep us small and keep us feeling separate from our Divine self. This bottle will support us in letting go of fear and the separating influence of addiction. When we claim back our true authentic power, we can be free of the addictions and be fearlessly, powerfully Divine.

G13  Grace (Pale Gold over Pale Pink)
This delicate colour combination is there to remind us again that only love exists and that everything we have experienced was chosen by us as an expression of Divine love. Here we step into grace and we forgive ourselves. We were never guilty, we were Divine expressions experiencing. And nothing was ever not part of the plan. These colours indicate a rebirth but this time without the trauma of death. We gently rebirth into our true selves and remember that the Divine is love and that we are that too and the true power that creates everything is love, love, love. This is the female face of Divinity and it is beautiful and so are you. While using this bottle it will serve you to take time everyday to remember something fabulous about you. And if you write it down you will just make it that much more real. Also take time to honour your female creative intuitive vision.


G14 Ascension (Pale Gold over Silver)
The intensification of the light in this bottle lights up everything and with these colours you can also shine your light this brightly. It is crystal clear and this clarity will attract all the new crystalline beings that are incarnating now. They are here to show us how ascension works. Ascension happens when we remember that we are a light body, that we are the Creator’s light in physical form and that the density we perceive in our reality is the illusion. This bottle will shine its light on everything that is illusionary and when the light is shone on the illusion it instantly dissipates.  What we are left with then is the light of truth that is beyond illusion.  Ascension.

G15 Satori (Solid Gold over Magenta)
This bottle makes our connection with our Divine selves a solid reality. It now no longer floats above us as a thought or a wish. It settles the truth into our cells that we are Divine and that we are living heaven on earth in this moment. This is the moment when we remember that we never left home in the first place and that heaven is where we are and that everything we see is Divine. It was never not that. This is the state of Satori.




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