Additional Essences - NEW!!

Sandalphon (Pale Gold)

Known as the twin of the archangel Metatron, Sandalphon’s energy is joyful, grounding, celebratory and expansive.  He rings with laughter, enabling us to see the funny side of life and not take anything too seriously.  His golden light encompasses us, offering warmth and all-embracing love and reminding us that life was always meant to be joyful.  He is very strong and helps us strengthen our inner core essence, soothing the central nervous system and allowing us be present in the here and now.  Sandalphon has a deep connection with music and musicians and encourages us to appreciate the beauty of sound.  He helps us to recognise that each of us has a unique note to play and that when we do so, we contribute to the whole.  Without our particular note, the music would be incomplete.


Moldavite (Deep Olive)

Moldavite, like the stone it is named after, takes us beyond our human senses into a much more fluid, expanded universe.  It opens us to the mystery of life beyond what we know with our mind and aligns us with the cosmic light we carry within.  Moldavite transforms and transmutes, making it excellent for clearing and cleansing discordant energies.  It also allows buried emotions to arise so that they too may be transmuted.  It is also a great detoxifier, assisting us in shifting out old stagnant energy to allow for something much more resonant with who we truly are.  Moldavite allows reconnection to our inner knowledge throughout all time and space. This essence supports us in awakening to higher consciousness, connecting us with “all that is” and always has been.   Used together with Black Dragon and Silver this essence powerfully and swiftly dissolves discordant energies.


This essence is incisive, elegant and clarifying.  It cuts through resistance and falsity, gently bringing us back to truth.  It has the brightness of sparkling crystalline moon energy combined with the potency, alchemy and steeliness of silver metal.  Silver helps release over-thinking and mind-based stress and assists us in transmuting all that we are truly ready to change.  Silver is helpful in clearing ancestral beliefs and inherited behaviours. It enables us to connect with deeply held wisdom from within.  Used together with Black Dragon and Moldavite this essence powerfully and swiftly dissolves discordant energies.  Excellent for working with animals as this is a ray they recognise intimately and respond to.  It carries the energy of ‘home’ for animals and for people who have a deep intuitive connection with animals.


Ruby Red (Deep Red)

Jewel-like and rich, this essence offers us the feeling of being deeply settled in our bodies.  It is both calming and restorative, centering us and bringing feelings of peace and stability.  At the same time it is a powerful agent for change and helps us to embrace change in our lives with ease and grace. Ruby Red energises the electro-magnetic pathways within and around our bodies, opening our channels for deeper connection with Source.  It is also a powerful support for clearing ancestral patterns and inherited issues.

Dolphin (Royal Blue)

Dolphins are gentle, loving, supportive and playful, following their joy and flow at all times.  This essence brings joy, fun and play into our lives and can be used to lighten up the energy of any space.  It reminds us to live each moment joyfully, opening to the immense love available to us from every living thing.  Dolphins are masters of communication and will show us how to communicate beyond the limitations of our senses if we open to receive their messages. They live together in loving union, harmony and oneness, teaching us to do the same.  Use this essence to connect with their loving support, wisdom and guidance.



Rose Pink

Rose Pink is a deepening of the love in pink.  It is a combination of pink and magenta and therefore has the qualities of both Divine love and personal love.  It feels as if all the healing rays of love are incorporated in this spray.  It takes mothering to a deeper level as well as self love and our Divine connection.  We have found this bottle to be incredibly effective at shifting deep-rooted emotional heart trauma very swiftly.


This essence affects the third eye and takes us into the deeper realms of psychic connection.  It connects us with our inner knowing and our inner voice and it is particularly helpful for writers.  There is a definite deepening of inspiration and creativity with this bottle and it is helpful in linking us in to the information "out there", the field of knowing and information that we can all access when we need to.  Indigo is calming and centering.



The 4th dimensional crystal heart of the Earth Goddesses lights up the hearts of humanity with its golden green glow. This crystalline energy connects you to all the information you need to feel on purpose in your life and living the golden age. The Peridot reminds you that you are precious and unique. Everything you have experienced till now was to prepare you for this moment in time where you fully claim your female divine power to create wealth and lead others as the new age facilitator.
This essence will bring support to anyone with depression and stops one from feeling paralysed through not being able to see clearly which way to turn. Open your higher heart to the ancient wisdom of the Goddesses and remember your mission to be joyful and in love.


Transcendence (Silver/Gold Dust)
There comes a time when staying in the nest no longer serves higher purpose and a leap of faith is needed to jump out and fly. This bottle is the gentlest push out of that comfort zone so you too may soar the skies of limitless potential. The soft vanilla energy cuts any cords that still cause bodies to go into resistance of what is in reality, inevitable. Embrace your destiny, which is only ever the spiritual blueprint your soul had planned for you eons ago. You have arrived at the edge of the past and everything and everyone that no longer serves you is being transmuted to allow you to transcend and be the brightest light on the planet.

This next level is about rewards being showered upon you in recognition of the many initiations you successfully completed to arrive at this moment in time where you are consciously in a state of love. You have transcended into peace and here you can only feel the perfection of you in your world.

Yeshua (Pale Gold)
This pale gold essence takes one into a deep connection with the Christ within, in a way that makes the energy of love and light and ascension very real. We are ascending in bodies with 12 strands of our DNA activated so that we can move the planet into the golden age in our fully realised Christed bodies. That is the process we are currently going through and this essence will support our bodies in integrating all the new energies and clear all the old "junk" programs that we have carried until now. This essence takes us deeper into our authentic power and lets every cell know that the only real power on the planet and all the Universe is Love. There truly is nothing else and enlightened living comes from living love in every moment. This is ancient and brand new. We recognize this essence at the deepest levels as it reminds us of everything we have committed to come and be at this time. Love and love and love and that is the process and the journey…

This bright sparkling orange spray connects us with the deepest inner knowing that bliss is a possibility, a state we can actually experience in our lives. This essence makes bliss real. It does so by igniting our inner fire of divinity and the enthusiasm that allows us to go and look for the state of bliss as a permanent part of our being. Enthusiasm ignites us to take on the world and works on keeping our hearts focused on an outcome of abundance. It allows us to be ambitious in a way that is inclusive rather than something that only works for us. It allows us to get out of our own way and lets us succeed in ways that will look quite miraculous when we look back. This is such an important step on the path to the highest possible spiritual achievement – a way to be spiritual and successful and in bliss and living heaven on earth in a real material way. This is 3D bliss in our everyday lives.

This essence will also help us heal the hole inside us that we have been trying to fill with everything we develop addictions to. It will support us to focus on what we desire instead of being in a state of ‘need’ which just feeds the addictions. This essence will help with addictions to substances as well as all the other things we do to keep us from connecting with our inner divinity - our inner light and truth.

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